1. View general information for transfer students.
  2. View Roosevelt’s transfer page specifically for Moraine Valley students including limited transfer guides for the following departments and majors:
    i. Arts and Sciences
    ii. Education
    iii. Business
    iv. Hospitality and Tourism Management
    v. Performing Arts
  3. To create a transfer guide, select your “Degree Program” from the undergraduate catalog. This will display a course list for your intended major that you can print. View the Transfer Course List to see how individual courses at Moraine Valley transfer to Roosevelt. Moraine Valley course codes are on the left with the Roosevelt equivalencies on the right. This equivalency chart can be used to translate course codes from the degree program you printed into Moraine Valley course codes.
  4.  View a list of Moraine Valley courses that are non-transferable to Roosevelt.

The Transfer Agreement between Roosevelt University and Moraine Valley Community College can be located here.