1. View general information for transfer students.
  2. Robert Morris offers a Two-Year Tuition Guarantee for transfer students from community colleges that limits the cost of attendance for students transferring from Moraine Valley.
  3. View Academic Program at Robert Morris.
  4. View a comprehensive transfer guide for the following majors:
    i. Advanced Culinary
    ii. Applied Health Sciences
    iii. Architectural Studies
    iv. Business
    v. Computer Studies
    vi. Graphic Design
    vii. Law Enforcement Administration
    viii. Organizational Writing
  5. For all other majors, it is strongly recommended to contact a transfer admissions counselor at Robert Morris to determine which electives you can take at Moraine Valley to fulfill major courses at Robert Morris.
  6. Submit your transcript to Robert Morris for review.
  7. Request additional information about Robert Morris.