1. View general information for transfer students.
  2. View application deadlines and requirements.
  3. View Frequently Asked Questions for transfer students.
  4. Northern Illinois University participates in the Compact Agreement with Moraine Valley. Completing an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree at Moraine Valley satisfies lower-division general education requirements and grant the student junior standing.
  5. Some Limited Admission Programs at Northern require additional requirements. Transfer guides to meet these requirements while attending Moraine Valley are available for the following majors:
    1. Art
    2. Business
    3. Computer Science
    4. Medical Laboratory Sciences
    5. Nursing
  1. Northern’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology provides transfer guides for Moraine Valley students in the following programs:
    1. Electrical Engineering
    2. Industrial and Systems Engineering
    3. Mechanical Engineering
  1. Some departments list this under “2+2 Transfer.” These guides are designed with students completing their associate’s degree in mind. The following departments provide 2+2 guides for a variety of majors:
    1. College of Health and Human Sciences
    2. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  1. If could not locate your major through any of the options above, select your major from Northern’s programs of study. Each department displays information slightly differently. Locate a list of courses (or curriculum) or requirements for the major.
  2. Print the list of courses for your major.
  3. View the Articulation Guide to see how specific courses transfer from Moraine Valley to Northern. You can use this guide to translate the course codes on the course list you printed into Moraine Valley codes.
  4. View and apply for scholarship opportunities. The “NIU Scholarships/Scholarship Finder” included a filter for transfer students.
  5. Schedule a visit or request additional information from a Transfer Advisor.