1. View Dominican’s Transfer Credit Policy including residency requirements, non-transferable credits, and military credits. Note that Dominican only takes grades of “C” or higher. Dominican accepts a maximum of 68 credits from Moraine Valley.
  2. You will need to submit a Transfer Credit Approval form to Dominican.
  3. View Dominican’s Core Curriculum that all students must complete prior to graduation. Note the foreign language, multicultural, and philosophy/theology requirements.
  4. Locate your Program of Study.
  5. From your program of study, print the most recent “Academic Worksheet.” This is the required course list to graduate from Dominican under your selected major. For minors, print the “Minor Requirements.”
  6. See how Moraine Valley courses transfer to Dominican through their articulation guide. Select Moraine Valley from the list of community colleges. This will create a list that can be viewed by the subject area. Alternatively, you can view the entire guide at once. Use this guide to translate courses from your Academic Worksheet to Moraine Valley course codes.
  7. View Transfer Scholarship opportunities up to $10,000.
  8. Request additional information about Dominican University or schedule a visit.