1. View DePaul’s Transfer Center for an overview of the transfer process including admissions and financial aid.
  2. Locate your transfer guide. Under “Transfer Institution” select Moraine Valley Community College. Under “DePaul College” select the department that fits your major. Under “DePaul Major” select your specific program of study. Hit submit to generate your transfer guide. Note: This page can take considerable time to load. Long loading time does not necessarily suggest a timeout.
  3. Print your transfer guide. You will find program requirements under the left column. Moraine Valley equivalents are on the right. Note that you can only take ONE course from EACH of the shaded areas.
  4. Note that DePaul requires two courses in “Religious Dimensions” and two courses in “Philosophical Inquiry” as part of their general education requirements. You can complete these courses at Moraine Valley.
  5. Moraine Valley participates in the DePaul Admission Partnership Program (DAPP). Your DePaul admission counselor will ensure you are taking all the right courses to complete your associate’s degree at Moraine Valley while meeting the needs of your bachelor’s degree at DePaul. View the full list of benefits to this program. If you are interested in this partnership program, be sure to view the application requirements. DePaul also offers a DAPP Scholarship Award ($2000 per year) for eligible candidates. View the scholarship requirements.
  6. View and apply for additional scholarship opportunities.
  7. Request additional information about DePaul University or schedule a visit.

The Transfer Agreement between DePaul University and Moraine Valley Community College can be located here.