This section features resources designed to meet the information and related needs of NEMRT staff and PEP students regarding the criminal justice education and training partnership between Moraine Valley and NEMRT.

NEMRT Training Programs

To earn college credit PEP recruits must complete and submit a college application. The completed application will be used to register recruits in applicable college courses under the Agreement between Moraine Valley and NEMRT. Tuition and related course fees will be waived. Upon successful completion of training and meeting required examination standards, recruits will receive up to 24 college credit hours.

PEP Recruit Proficiency Credit Program Form

Protective Services Certificate (30/31 Credit hours)
As recognized, recruits will need only 13 credits to complete the certificate by taking courses at Moraine Valley and/or receiving transfer credit from another institution.

NEMRT's Training Resources
Consistent with the Criminal Justice Education-Training Agreement, Moraine Valley credits will be awarded to PEP Training students who successfully complete training programs articulated.

Contact Michael Espinoza, the college criminal justice education-training partnership liaison at regarding a question, clarification on a procedure, or a supply of forms not available online.