With technological advances, mastering mathematic skills has become more important. We help students gain the skills for a future career or move on to a four-year university. Students learn the problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills employers demand.

Many jobs require the use of math and many careers use these skills. Instructors offer a supportive environment where students of all abilities learn logical thinking and practical applications.

Students who need extra help can talk to a math instructor. There is also free tutoring at the Academic Skills Center.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics can contact an academic advisor to discuss their options. Whatever your future plans, you will benefit from a mathematics education at Moraine Valley.

Mathematics Student Support

We support student success by offering many resources and events.

Students can borrow a calculator for the term of the semester in which they are enrolled in a math class.

Every spring semester, students participate in a lively and challenging Richard A. Fritz Annual Integration Bee that allows them to show off their math talents and earn prizes.

Every fall and spring semester, math students participate in a national AMATYC Contest given at all participating two-year institutions. Top scorers earn prizes.

The Mathematics Club meets as a group several times a semester. We invite guest speakers, discuss special topics, explore careers in mathematics, and have lots of fun! If you are interested, contact Keith Nabb or Brian Kurth.

Every fall semester, the mathematics department cosponsors a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Series in which professionals in STEM fields discuss their careers. Past speakers include actuaries, aerospace engineers, safety engineers, statisticians, and architects.

Some faculty members participate in a shared office hour program. This way, students who cannot attend their instructor’s office hours may attend another instructor’s office hours.

Career Opportunities

Thinking about a career in math? Good idea! Many math careers need a bachelor’s degree and with a mastery of these skills, you can pursue many different careers. Talk to a mathematics faculty member or an advisor about your options. Consider contacting the college or university you’d like to attend and discuss their math program requirements.

Contact Math Department Chair Amy Brett Madden, M.S., Ph.D., at (708) 974-5233 or madden@morainevalley.edu.

Math careers:
Computer programmers
Cryptographers (Coders)
Data analysts
Financial and investment analysts
High school teachers/college instructors
Industrial/applied mathematicians
Operations researchers
Production managers
Quality control engineers
Risk managers
Textbook editors

Careers that use math:
Casino managers
Music producers
Real estate agents