The Fine Arts and Humanities Department offers courses that introduce you to the history, literature, performing arts, philosophy, religion and visual arts of a society. This knowledge helps provide a well-rounded education to give you a broad-minded perspective that is valuable for success in any career.

Our arts courses cover everything from art history and art appreciation to hands-on classes where you’ll create your own art. There are courses ranging from digital art to fine art to music to theater. Your creative spirit will soar as you explore the various aspects of fine and performing arts.

Humanities courses allow you to explore the cultural aspects of Western society and other cultures from around the world. You can explore the artistic, religious and philosophical expressions that helped shape thought throughout history. You’ll discover how mythology impacted societies.

Philosophy classes ask and answer difficult questions in life such as: What is the purpose of existence? What is the nature of reality? What is happiness? What is right or wrong? What is the mind? What is the nature of religion? Can animals be persons?

Philosophy students gain critical thinking, writing, and reading skills that are essential to a liberal arts education and for leading a meaningful life.

Potential Careers in Art, Theater and Music

Art and Design

Art Critic, Dealer, Writer
Art Teacher or Therapist
Book/Layout Designer
Freelance artist/designer
Graphic Designer
Prepress Technician


Band Director
Film scorer


Costume designer
Lighting Designer
Set designer
Stage Manager

Associate Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

Fine Arts and Humanities Degree Options

Earning your Associate in Fine Arts Degree or Associate in Arts Degree at Moraine Valley can make it more likely that you will transfer to a four-year school with junior status. Learn more about how you can complete the first two years of your college education at Moraine Valley before transferring to a four-year school to earn a bachelor's degree.



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