Moraine Valley’s Information Technology programs can help you master the ever-changing technology that today’s competitive job market demands. You will gain the specific skills you’ll need to get a job or expand your options in your current career. Our programs address real-world issues and prepare you to pursue a degree or an industry-sponsored certificate. Examples include cyber security, network cabling, PC repair, and more.

Information Technology Degrees

Program NameType of CredentialCurriculum CodeDepartment or Division
Cisco Network AssociateCertificate1447Computer Integrated Technologies
Cisco Network ProfessionalCertificate1448Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer and Local Area Network TechnicianA.A.S.1416Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer Support AssociateCertificate1348Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer TechnicianCertificate1418Computer Integrated Technologies
IT Security SpecialistA.A.S.1420Computer Integrated Technologies
LAN TechnicianCertificate1419Computer Integrated Technologies
Microsoft AssociateCertificate1446Computer Integrated Technologies
Network AdministratorCertificate1422Computer Integrated Technologies
Network Security AssociateCertificate1360Computer Integrated Technologies
Network Security SpecialistCertificate1424Computer Integrated Technologies
Voice and Data SpecialistA.A.S.1435Computer Integrated Technologies

Introductory Course

Interested in learning more about information technology programs and the opportunities they can bring? Enroll in LAN-101 Orientation to IT Professions. This one-credit-hour class gives you an overview of IT professions, employment skills, industry certifications, current issues, salaries, and a self-assessment survey. You’ll also create a plan for the IT program of your choice.

Stackable Certificates

Moraine Valley sequences its courses to allow students to earn certificates quickly. This means students can progressively earn industry certification throughout their coursework. These industry certifications improve job prospects and provide opportunities for promotion.

Job Outlook

Careers in information technology include network administrator, specialist or technician; security analyst; security professional; and many more. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Occupational Outlook Handbook for the latest information about the nature of the work, education and training requirements, advancement opportunities, employment, salary, and ten-year job outlook.

Questions? Contact the program coordinator at or (708) 974-5333.