Moraine Valley’s Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI) Program can prepare you for great jobs ranging from computer gaming, advertising, television, print media, and multimedia to engineering and architecture. You’ll learn the fundamentals of computer generated imagery, three-dimensional animation and character animation.

The use of computer generated imagery is well established in the areas of movie production, computer games, architectural visualization, broadcast and interactive design. Bring ideas, images, and objects to life with the latest software and hardware in our state-of-the-industry computer labs. Students will use this software and hardware to design a multitude of animations and designs, preparing them for real-world careers.

Computer Graphics Imagery Degree and Certificate Programs

Program NameType of CredentialCurriculum CodeDepartment or Division
Computer Graphics AssociateCertificate1375Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer Graphics DesignerCertificate1376Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer Graphics ImageryA.A.S.1374Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer Graphics MasterCertificate1378Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer Graphics ProfessionalCertificate1377Computer Integrated Technologies

Introductory Course

Interested in learning more about theses programs and the opportunities they can bring? Enroll in CGI-100 Orientation to to CGI Careers. This one-credit-hour class gives you an overview of industry professions, employment skills, certifications, current issues, and salaries. It also includes a self-assessment survey. Students finish the course with a personalized plan for completing the program of their choice.

Stackable Certificates

Moraine Valley sequences its courses to allow students to earn certificates quickly. This means students can progressively earn industry certification throughout their associate degree coursework. These industry certifications improve job prospects and provide opportunities for promotion.

Job Outlook

Careers in computer generated imagery include multimedia artists and animators, graphic designers, computer animation specialists, and many more. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook for the latest information about the nature of the work, education and training requirements, advancement opportunities, employment, salary, and ten-year job outlook.

Questions? Contact the program coordinator at or (708) 974-5629.