The program prepares students for rewarding careers at the forefront of the information technological revolution.  Students will examine the installation, maintenance, repair, and management of desktop PCs and local area networks. Additionally, students will receive hands-on training in network operating systems, user administration, network security, LAN switching and bridging design. Moraine Valley's program helps students prepare for A+, N+, CCENT, Security Plus, and CCNA certification. Graduates possess a wide range of product knowledge as well as hands-on experience in hardware and software installation and support.

Moraine Valley also offers four supplemental certificate programs which include, Computer Support Associate, Computer Technician, LAN Technician, and Network Administrator.

This program prepares students for entry-level positions as a data communications specialist in the information technology profession. Some common career titles include:

  • PC support technician
  • LAN specialist
  • Help desk support specialist
  • LAN system administrator
  • LAN design specialist
  • LAN engineer and many others.

Employment of network and computer systems administrators is projected to grow 3% from 2021 to 2031. Demand for information technology (IT) workers is high and should continue to grow as firms invest in newer, faster technology and mobile networks. Growth also is expected as the use of IT in healthcare increases. However, an increase in cloud computing could raise the productivity of network administrators, slowing their growth across many industries.

Jobs for network administrators in the computer systems design and related services industry is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026. The increasing adoption of cloud services by small and medium-sized businesses that do not have their own dedicated IT departments could increase the demand for network and computer systems administrators within this industry.

Opportunities should be favorable. Prospects should be best for applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in computer network and systems administration or computer science and who are up to date on the latest technology, especially cloud computing.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics

This program prepares students for employment as a Cisco network technician. Graduates will be able to administer, install, maintain and troubleshoot Cisco systems. In the program, students are introduced to routers, LAN/WAN design and the integration of the Internet in the corporate enterprise network. Students also use this program as an introduction to courses required for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Students can benefit from this program if they are just beginning to train for a career in Cisco network management, or if they already work in the industry and need to upgrade their job skills. Common job titles for recipients of this certificate include help desk technician, LAN technician, Cisco service representative, technical support specialist, and network system administrator.

The program prepares students to work in career fields of computer support, maintenance, and repair. Students will also receive training in computer hardware, software, and support. As well as learn about computer hardware components, system operating systems, and application software.

Jobs in computer maintenance can be found in career fields such as:

  • PC support technician
  • Computer help desk
  • Computer configuration specialist.

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in PC installation, maintenance and repair professions.

Common career titles include:

  • PC support technician
  • Hardware specialist
  • Help desk support specialist
  • Hardware configuration technician and many others.

Students will examine PC software, including operating systems, office applications, network management, and desktop utilities. Courses will also introduce a variety of current hardware technology, including CPU features and functions, system architecture, storage technology, backup devices, multimedia devices, and data communication equipment. Lastly, the program also prepares students for the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications.

The Local Area Network Technician Certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions as a data communication specialist in the IT profession.

Common career titles include:

  • LAN specialist
  • LAN system administrator
  • LAN design specialist
  • LAN engineer and many others.

Not only will students examine the installation, maintenance, repair, and design of local area networks but they will also receive hands-on training in network operating systems, user administration, network security, and LAN switching and bridging design. This program also helps students prepare for N+, CCENT, Security Plus, and CCNA certification. 

This program is designed for information technology professionals pursuing Microsoft training and industry certification.

The Network Administrator Certificate is designed to address the need for IT professionals with a comprehensive understanding of multiple operating systems in a mix of environments. The program provides a multi-product approach to system administration. The courses introduce Microsoft, UNIX, Cisco, and Netware products. 

This program provides students with entry-level skills for a profession in network security. Managing network security includes preserving information confidentiality, availability and integrity. Network security professionals are tasked with performing network risk assessments, implementing safeguards that protect data and system integrity, implementing and maintaining system authentication systems and perimeter protection systems. This program prepares graduates to become employed as network security technicians, network firewall technicians, VPN administrators and remote security communication support specialists.

This program is designed to provide a comprehensive program to develop a skilled workforce in the emerging field of information technology security. Managing information security programs consists of preserving information confidentiality and protection, risk management, data and system integrity, availability, authenticity, and utility. The program is based on information security concepts, principles, methods, techniques, practices, and procedures that guide today’s IT security professionals. This program prepares graduates to become employed as IT security specialists, firewall and VPN specialists, and data assurance specialists. Additionally, the program concentrates on industry-specific requirements in the health care and financial areas, as well as other institutions that currently use electronic commerce.

The certificate is designed for professionals returning to upgrade skills or students who are interested in obtaining employment skills in IT security professions. The certificate can be completed as a student progresses through the degree program.

Program Details

Program NameType of CredentialCurriculum CodeDepartment or Division
Cisco Network AssociateCertificate1447*Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer and Local Area Network TechnicianA.A.S.1416Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer Support AssociateCertificate1348Computer Integrated Technologies
Computer TechnicianCertificate1418*Computer Integrated Technologies
LAN TechnicianCertificate1419Computer Integrated Technologies
Microsoft AssociateCertificate1446Computer Integrated Technologies
Network AdministratorCertificate1422Computer Integrated Technologies
Network Security AssociateCertificate1360Computer Integrated Technologies
Network Security SpecialistCertificate1424Computer Integrated Technologies


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