District size139 square miles, population of about 400,000 people, 26 communities
Campus size297 acres
EnrollmentMore than 34,000 credit and noncredit students annually
Average class size21
Average age of student24
Female students51 percent
Male students49 percent
Full-time41 percent
Part-time59 percent
Enrolled in Transfer Programs67 percent
Age 22 or older42 percent
Working while attending school85 percent
Are minority38 percent
Time of attendance
Day83 percent
Evening15 percent
Weekend2 percent
Students who receive some form of financial aid39 percent
Occupational graduates employed86 percent
Graduates who'd recommend Moraine Valley to a friend97 percent
Moraine Valley students who already have some college credit23 percent
Degrees awarded1,770
Certificates awarded1,309

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