Moraine Valley’s College Assessment Plan: Cycle Plan Report (CPR)

Why Moraine Valley performs assessment

To make improvements to curriculum, instructional strategies, and the allocation of college resources to support teaching and learning.

College assessment Plan: CPR

The modern era of student assessment at Moraine Valley began in 1995 during the self-assessment phase of North Central Accreditation. Today, the college has a full-time Director of Academic Assessment who provides leadership and support for the college’s academic assessment efforts. A broad-based schedule of assessment initiatives occurs throughout the year, at the classroom, course, and program levels.

Cycle – The five-year cycle guides the department’s ongoing sequence of assessment. In each year, assessment focuses on identified courses/programs.

Plan – The Annual Assessment Plan establishes clear assessment initiatives for each academic department for the upcoming academic year. Department chairs submit their annual Assessment Plan in May of each academic year.

Report – The Annual Assessment Report documents the department’s assessment activities carried out according to the department’s assessment plan. Department chairs submit their annual Assessment Report in September of each academic year.