The Assessment of Student Academic Achievement office generates rich and useful information about student achievement that leads to improved student learning. We oversee the college’s assessment plan to measure, document, and improve student learning. We collaborate with faculty to develop assessment strategies for courses and programs, direct implementation of the General Education Assessment Plan and share assessment activities with the wider college community.

Because of its commitment to student learning, the college intends to provide frequent and useful feedback to students about their learning. The college encourages the faculty to use a variety of assessment methods, including classroom discussion, projects, essay and report writing, research, rubrics, and objective tests. Students have opportunities to express opinions about their educational experiences on campus through surveys and interviews.

Assessment of student learning results are used to drive improvement to curriculum, instruction, and student learning. Additionally, assessment shows college stakeholders how students perform and which areas to target for improvement.

To reach the Assessment of Student Academic Achievement office, please call (708) 974-5253.