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Strategic Priorities and Action Steps

As a learning-centered college, we dedicate all programs, services and resources to student success, with a commitment to continuously monitor, assess, and improve our performance. 
New and continuing initiatives and their impact on staff and college resources will be examined within this framework.

Action steps

Moraine Valley will:

  • Integrate academic programs and support services as part of a holistic approach to student development
  • Commit to and practice learning college principles in all activities involving students and customers
  • Organize all curricula, programs, services, and activities around the principle of excellent personalized service 
  • Provide a full complement of Web-based programs and services for students and customers
  • Ensure access by increasing convenience through flexible programming and scheduling
  • Develop innovative programs and services needed by students and customers to achieve their goals
  • Strengthen our commitment to serving underprepared students
  • Implement a comprehensive student assessment program

Action steps

Moraine Valley will:

  • Conduct continuous assessment to determine community needs for programs and services
  • Develop curricula, programs and services on a timely basis in response to determined community needs
  • Use technology to improve the connection with student and customer markets
  • Locate programs, services and facilities in close proximity to students and customers
  • Create seamless environments for students moving from K-12 to college
  • Expand and strengthen relationships with the community, including local business, the corporate sector, government, social service agencies, and civic organizations

Action steps

Moraine Valley will:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive enrollment and marketing plan
  • Develop and promote a clear brand identity with constituents and cultivate an image that promotes name recognition
  • Promote the college as a cultural center and a community of learning

Action steps

Moraine Valley will:

  • Expand programs, services and delivery systems to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Continue integrating global and intercultural perspectives into programs and services
  • Recruit, orient, develop, and retain diverse faculty, staff and students
  • Provide current staff with professional development programs and activities in behavioral objectives related to diversity

Action steps

Moraine Valley will:

  • Develop, approve and implement multiyear enrollment targets to guide resource allocation and the activities of faculty and staff
  • Develop and implement institutionwide retention strategies
  • Develop business plans for all new initiatives that guide resource allocation
  • Leverage existing resources, evaluate current allocation patterns, and consider alternatives for reallocation to provide continuing resources for innovation
  • Identify new sources of revenue to support growth within the limits of institutional mission and purpose
  • Revise the college's Technology Plan
  • Implement the Master Facilities Plan 

Action steps

Moraine Valley will:

  • Engage in continuous review of institutional processes, systems and structures to assure efficient operations
  • Practice continuous evaluation and improvement processes to ensure high quality curricula, programs and services
  • Develop and implement a systematic process for assessment that links measurement and action in all academic and nonacademic areas
  • Enhance the speed of data-driven decision making and action throughout the organization
  • Integrate current activities and new initiatives into the annual planning process
  • Emphasize a collaborative approach to all aspects of work
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive professional development program for all staff