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Vanguard Learning College

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Vanguard Learning College



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Strategic Direction

To fulfill its mission and purposes, the college has identified the following major, institutionwide strategic directions:

  • A comprehensive, continuous, strategic, and operational planning system which maximizes internal resources, seeks external resources and funding in support of planned programs, assures accountability in all systems, and is communicated collegewide.

  • Equal opportunity and access to education for all who can benefit while reaching out to underserved populations within the community.

  • Up-to-date electronic information, learning resources and computing technologies for student and community access to aid in teaching, support efficient management functions and facilitate student learning.

  • High-quality instruction and student support services while encouraging new alternative methodologies and delivery systems.

  • A collaborative approach to student progress in which faculty, staff and students mutually create opportunities for learning and working based on prioritized student needs and relevant, timely information.

  • Partnerships with business, industry, schools, and community agencies for the purpose of developing and maximizing communitywide economic and employment opportunities and engaging in cooperative problem-solving.

  • Safe, clean and pleasant surroundings for teaching, learning and working while encouraging pride and shared responsibility for the working environment among all students and staff.

  • A collegial climate which supports open communication, maintains trust, encourages the development of staff potential, and takes pride in individual and group accomplishments.

  • An atmosphere which encourages cultural diversity, fosters multicultural experiences, respects human rights, and understands the interdependence of all people and groups.

  • A service-oriented culture in relationships with students and community residents which provides personal, courteous, helpful responses to those seeking information about programs and services.

  • An integral role in the cultural life of the community.

  • Active leadership in the community in matters relating to education and the public good.