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Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness Measurement Techniques Report

During the past academic year, an Institutional Effectiveness Task Group reviewed and updated the college's Institutional Effectiveness (IE) and Assessment of Student Academic Achievement (ASAA) efforts.  

One of the activities of the Institutional Effectiveness Task Group was to survey all college departments to determine current IE and ASAA efforts.  The report summarizes the results of this survey.  

By sharing this information, we hope to:

  • Raise awareness of the current IE and ASAA efforts occurring at the college

  • Encourage discussion of different measurement techniques among all college departments

The report is organized by college division, and then by departments within those divisions:

Academic Affairs

  • Adult Education

  • Alternative Learning

  • Behavioral Science

  • Biology

  • Communications/Literature/Languages

  • Developmental Education

  • Fine and Performing Arts Center

  • Health Sciences   

  • Information Management Systems

  • Learning Resources

  • Math and Computer Science

  • Moraine Area Education-to-Careers Partnerships

  • Public Service

  • Social Science/Physical Education

  • Workforce Development and Community Services

Administrative Services

  • Campus Operations

  • College Store

  • Human Resources

  • Purchasing


  • Accounting     

  • Accounts Payable

Institutional Advancement

  • College and Community Relations

  • Institutional Research 

  • Marketing and Publications Services

  • Resource Development and Institutional Effectiveness

Student Development

  • Athletics

  • Academic Advising Center

  • College Activities Office

  • Counseling and Career Development Center

  • Financial Aid

  • International Student Affairs

  • Job Placement Center

  • Minority Student Transfer Center

  • Testing Center

Institutional Effectiveness Measurement Techniques Utilized
as of July 2000




Academic Affairs

Adult Basic Education

  • Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Community College Board performance is compared to other adult education programs in the state

  • The number of public assistance clients who had their aid reduced or had been removed from the public assistance rolls

  • The number of students who received GEDs

  • The amount of total gains made on pre- and post-tests

  • The number of self-reported citizenships for a program's students

  • The number of students whose attendance rate was at or above the average

Alternative Learning

  • Illinois Community College Board- PQP

  • CIEQ Scores

  • Telephone survey of randomly selected classes

Behavioral Science

  • Comprehensive final exams

  • Application assignments

  • Exit interviews/focus groups

  • Field observation reports

  • Student journals

  • Summative writing assignments

  • Ongoing departmental analysis of course syllabi and course goals


  • Journals

  • Focus groups

  • Essays

  • Standardized tests

  • Departmental tests


  • Portfolios

  • Pre- and post-test

  • Course books with samples of student research papers

Developmental Education

  • Comprehensive pre-post data

  • Departmental final exams

  • Continuing examination of course bypass procedures

  • Continued review of assessment cutoff scores and an examination of student course placement

Fine and Performing Arts Center

  • Audience attendance record s

  • Artist program evaluated based on the quality of the artist's work and how that work complements classroom instruction

  • Survey our audience to measure their satisfaction

  • Box office staff is routinely "shopped" by members of the center's Program Advisory Board

  • The Fine and Performing Arts Center staff routinely interviews renters about their experiences

Health Sciences

  • Advisory committee input

  • Illinois Community College Board/PQP/Program Review

  • CIEQs

  • Graduate surveys

  • Comprehensive exams

  • Formative review by clinical simulations

  • Psychomotor performance

  • Multiple choice unit exams

  • Essay exams

  • Quizzes

  • Clinical conferences

  • Comprehensive lab exams

  • Nursing care plans

  • Student presentations

  • Self-assessment exams by testing boards or agencies

  • Entry-level certifying exams

  • Advanced practitioner exams

  • Employer surveys

  • Track enrollment increases as a result of department information sessions

Information Management Systems

  • Exit surveys of students in specific program areas and course

  • Pre- and post-tests

Learning Resources

  • Library Skills Assessment Test

  • Graduate Transfer/Occupational Survey

  • CIEQ/Comments

  • Focus groups

  • Peer coaching

  • Reference interview assistance

  • Technology quick assessment

Math and Computer Science

  • Content analysis of course syllabi

  • Course comparisons to national standards

  • Departmental final exams, with item analysis

  • Writing/computer/calculator projects

  • Success-in-next-class data research

Moraine Area Education-to-Careers Partnerships

  • Survey to determine awareness and need for career materials in region's public schools.

Public Service

  • Pre- and post tests, course exams or essays

  • Student portfolios

  • Follow-up surveys

  • Interviews with employers

  • Licensure and certifying board results

  • Assessment of in-class collaborative assignments

  • Department examinations

  • Commercial standardized exams

  • Oral exams

  • Writing assignments

  • Class practicum

Social Science/P.E.

  • Exit interviews

  • Student journals

Workforce Development and Community Services

  • Monthly fiscal reports

  • Monthly enrollment numbers

  • Classes offered/run

  • Contracts offered/fulfilled

  • Student questionnaires





Admin. Services and College Facilities

Campus Operations


  • Monthly walk-through

  • Work orders tracked in a computerized database

  • Staff reports any problems that remain at end of shift

  • Project tracking system for current projects, completed projects, and/or future projects

  • Creating and implementing an all staff construction project/area space change form

  • User satisfaction survey

College Store

  • User satisfaction survey


Human Resources

  • User satisfaction surveys

  • Solicit feedback/input from both the faculty and support staff associations

  • Evaluation forms to staff development participants

  • Track reasons why employees leave


  • Continually updating purchasing manual

  • Review daily purchasing reports

  • Request feedback from staff



  • Independent external auditor

  • Monthly reconciliation of each of the College's bank accounts

  • Created a database for the preparation of the uniform financial reports, decreasing preparation time by one half day

  • Daily reports

Accounts Payable

  • Weekly and monthly review of check voucher

  • Budget codes and object codes verified

  • Signatures reverify with the signature authority list

Institutional Advancement

College and Community Relations

  • Plan to establish/maintain relationships with news media

  • Track news releases and subsequent articles in newspapers

  • Scan daily newspapers and weekly newspapers for college articles

  • Evaluate all college events

  • Staff survey in Valley View staff newsletter

Institutional Research

  • Survey evaluating Research Notes

  • Review surveys completed in past 2-3 years

  • Review response time

  • Review factbook tables

Marketing and Publications Services

  • Track number of publications

  • Track response to recruitment materials

  • Questions added to several student print materials on how they heard about Moraine Valley

  • Awards competitions - track submissions and awards received

  • Gather input from other professionals about our efforts

  • Focus groups, high school students

  • Individual student interviews

Resource Development and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Midyear and final report updating activities

  • Track grants submitted and results

  • Ensure grants are successfully implemented

  • Track new grant opportunities considered by faculty/staff

Student Development


  • Character counts -- pre- and post- test on character issues

  • Evaluative survey of coaches on training issues

  • Athletic Academic Support Program--data comparison from previous year looking at the percent of credits completed and GPA.

  • Additional comparisons based on contacts with advisor and coach

Academic Advising Center

  • Institutional graduate follow-up survey

  • New student information session pre-test, post-test

  • Health science orientation participant survey

  • Student survey of advising

  • Educational planning session - plan to develop an evaluation 2000-01

College Activities Office

  • Participant questionnaire following statewide college activities conference

  • Leadership workshop evaluation surveys

  • Survey of international host home family experiences

  • Monthly update forms to document Phi Theta Kappa activities to achieve 5-Star status

Counseling and Career Development

  • Institutional graduate follow-up

  • Student survey of counseling

  • New student orientation pre-test, post-test

  • Workshop participant surveys

  • Orientation participant surveys (different than pre-test, post-test)

  • Course evaluations for PSY-100, PSY-111, COL-101

  • Have used student academic standing as a measure of success regarding standards of academic progress

Financial Aid

  • Student loans�an entrance loan counseling quiz

  • Transcript review each semester for distinguished scholars

  • Questionnaire/evaluation for financial aid workshops

  • Transcript review each semester for standards of academic progress

International Student Affairs

  • Review of admission services provided by Admissions Specialist as compared to previous years

  • Review of standards of academic progress students' plans as discussed with international student counselor, and whether the plans were accomplished

Job Pla cement Center

  • Pre/post-tests for each job search workshop

  • Employer satisfaction survey of JPC services

  • Institutional graduate follow-up survey

  • Focus groups providing input on JPC services

Minority Student Transfer Center

  • Transfer follow-up study

  • Annual Survey of transfer center users

  • Directing Results through Educational and Academic Mentoring (DREAM) program mentors' evaluations

Testing Center

College task group evaluated current services and procedures and submitted a report to President's Advisory Council