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Degree Completion Agreements

Illinois State University


For more information go to: www.cast.ilstu.edu

  • All Physical Education, Athletic Training, and Exercise Science majors are strongly encouraged
    to complete a basic Physics course (PHY-105 or 108) prior to transferring to Illinois State.
    It is a pre-req to a required course, KNR-282.

  • Athletic Training has a two-step application process occurring each December (after the
    students complete KNR-181, 188, and 188.01 in the Fall) when students apply to the
    Clinical Education program. If they are indeed admitted to the Clinical Education program,
    students need to complete five additional semesters of coursework before the final internship
    semester. Due to accreditation standards, the program cannot be completed sooner, and so
    adding an additional major or minor is advisable.

  • Students interested in Criminal Justice Sciences are encouraged to take the equivalent of
    CJS-101—Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ-101 at Moraine Valley) prior to enrolling at
    Illinois State, as it is a prerequisite for most CJS courses.


For more information go to: www.cas.ilstu.edu

  • Students coming to Illinois State under the 2003-2004 or later catalog in English or English
    Education will be graduating from Illinois State with a Bachelor of Arts degree. It is strongly
    recommended that transfer students complete their foreign language requirement, equivalent
    to Illinois State's 115 level, before transferring. In addition, they recommend students to take
    the survey courses of American and British literature and Non-Western literature prior to transfer
    as many of the other English courses (i.e. Intro. to Lit., Poetry, Drama, Short Story, etc.)
    will not transfer for major credit, but only as electives.

  • All transfer students intending to major in Sociology need to have completed the equivalent to
    SOC-106 "Introduction to Sociology" (SOC-101 at Moraine Valley) with a "C" or better, prior to
    entering the major.

  • School of Social Work: will be limiting the number of Spring applicants. Ideally they would like
    Spring applicants to have less than 45 semester hours completed at the time of enrollment.
    The School of Social Work is the second largest program in Illinois and is accredited by the
    Council of Social Work Education. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the equivalent
    to our Introduction to Generalist Social Work -SWK-170 (SWK-101 at Moraine Valley) prior to
    their transfer. Students must have completed Social Work foundation courses prior to enrollment
    in required Social Work courses. These courses include equivalents of PSY-110 or 111, PSY-138
    or an equivalent course in statistics, a human biology related course (BSC-145, 101, or 181),
    an equivalent of SOC-111, 112, 123 or SOC/PSY 131, and an abnormal psychology course if
    possible. (Moraine Valley course equivalency tables are available-see an Moraine Valley advisor)
    Students are also required to complete 50 hours of volunteer or paid experience prior to
    formally being admitted into the department.

  • All History and Social Sciences majors must take the American History 135 and 136 (HIS-201
    and 202 at Moraine Valley) and the Western Civilization (101 and 102) survey courses. It is
    particularly important that the student complete both Western Civilization courses at the same
    institution. No more than 12 hours of history courses may be transferred - and they should be
    these four courses or their equivalents. Students taking any other history courses at the
    community college will be able to use the courses as "electives" toward the 120-hour
    graduation requirement, but not for the major. Check the Illinois State Articulation Handbook
    2-yr. Plan for further program recommendations to be completed at the community college
    before transferring to Illinois State.

  • Beginning with the 2002-2003 catalog, History Education majors will be required to take an
    American Government course (POS-105), a World Geography course (GEO-135 or 140), and
    Micro and Macroeconomics (combined into ECO-105). (Moraine Valley course equivalency
    tables are available-see an Moraine Valley advisor)

  • The Pre-Medicine program (within Biological Sciences) urges transfer students considering a
    medical profession to have two to four semesters of chemistry. Students should also be
    working or volunteering in a medical facility.

  • The Biochemistry-Molecular Biology (BMB) degree is an excellent preparation for pharmacy
    school, and the first two years of the BMB curriculum serves very well as a Pre-Pharmacy
    program for students contemplating transferring into a pharmacy program. The BMB degree
    (offered jointly by the Departments of Chemistry and Biological Sciences) also does well in
    preparing students for professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, etc.).

  • Students interested in majoring in Psychology are strongly encouraged to take a foreign
    language course in addition to their math and science requirements for admission. The
    Psychology department will also be limiting the number of students admitted to their major
    with more than 68 hours. The chair of the department will review all applicants and determine
    admissibility into the program. Psychology students are required to participate in Transfer Days.

  • Speech Pathology and Audiology recommends that transfer students complete an Introduction
    to Special Ed. course (SED-101—formerly SED-145), a General Psychology course, and a Child
    Growth and Development or Psychology of the Lifespan course.

  • Foreign Languages strongly encourages their teacher education candidates to take the 1st
    and/or 2nd year sequences of their language of choice, as well as Introduction to Psychology,
    English Composition, and Speech prior to attending Illinois State.


For more information contact: Norris Porter, Assistant to the Dean for Student Services
(309) 438-2251 neporte@ilstu.edu

Majors offered in: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Teacher Education, Finance,
Insurance, International Business, Management and Marketing.

Transfer Admission Information

  • Highest admission priority will be granted to transfer students with the strongest academic
    records and those who have achieved an AA or AS degree. Of those transfer students admitted
    for the 2003-2004 academic year, the average GPA was 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

  • Transfer students interested in a major in the College of Business must meet the University's
    admission requirements for transfer students. In addition, the College of Business requires
    internal and external transfers to meet coursework and GPA requirements that vary depending
    on total earned hours. Current admission requirements for internal and external transfer
    students are as follows: 
    0-29 earned hours = top 1/4 of high school class - 2.00 GPA & min 19 ACT, top 1/2 of high
    school class - 2.00 GPA & min 20 ACT, top 3/4 of high school class - 2.00 GPA & min 23 ACT
    30-59 earned hours = 2.40 GPA
    60 + earned hours = (1) 2.40 GPA AND (2) "C" or better in BUS 142 and (3) "C" or better in
    MTH-141 and MTH-143 or "C" or better in MTH-145.

Continuance Requirements (the minimum standards for final admission into a business major. Students
are admitted into the College's majors on a competitive and selective basis.): Effective with the
2003/2004 catalog the College of Business Continuance requires that students do the following:
* Students are limited to 24 credit hours of business courses unless they are a College of Business
major and they have satisfied the 4 continuance requirements listed below:

  1. Complete, with a minimum grade of "C" or better, the following transfer and tool courses:
    COM-101 and COM-102
    BUS-142 and 143 (2.5 GPA in BUS-142 and 143 required for accounting majors)
    ECO-101, 102
    MTH-139 or 212
    IMS-115 or complete competency test in spreadsheets, presentation software, and Web page
    construction upon transferring to ISU.

  2. Earn an overall ISU GPA of 2.4 or higher.

Note: Students will be admitted into the College's academic majors from a pool of qualified applicants
on the basis of individual qualifications. Students are admitted on a competitive and selective basis.
The number of students admitted into the program may vary from year to year depending on
program capacity and qualifications of students in the pool. The continuance requirements represent
the minimum standards for consideration for admission into a business major.

Other Requirements:
60 hours of non-business hours are required by the College of Business for graduation. Students are
encouraged to work towards this requirement while completing their Associate's degree.
Please note: at Illinois State, Legal Environment of Business (BUS-110) and Business Law (BUS-136)
transfers as elective credit. It does not meet a major requirement.


For more information contact: (309) 438- 5415 www.coe.ilstu.edu

For majors in: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, High School and Special Education

NOTE: Due to changes in state requirements for teacher certification, many universities are in the
process of changing admission and graduation requirements for education majors. Students interested
in education should consult both an advisor at Moraine Valley and at the four-year institution to obtain
the most current information.

Transfer Admission Information

  • Students must have an A.A. or A.S. degree completed in order to transfer into the Elementary
    Education Program. Students transferring into other education programs are strongly encouraged
    to complete the AA or AS. Please be advised that it will most likely take students 2.5 years after
    transferring to ISU to complete an education degree.

  • The minimum transfer GPA for admission is a 3.0 for students majoring in Early Childhood or
    Elementary and a 2.7 for students majoring in Special Education. It is important for the
    students interested in the Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle Level Education programs
    to apply early
    in the priority-filing period. Admission is very competitive and not all eligible candidates will be
    able to be admitted regardless of the date of submission of their application. Students who qualify
    for admission into the University, who do not get admitted into their selected education program,
    will be given the general student major if they qualify and space is available.

  • 12 Hours of science are highly recommended for all Elementary and Middle Level Education majors.

  • NEW: The College is now requiring ALL education majors (Early Childhood, Elementary, Bilingual,
    Middle Level, Secondary, and Special Education) take the Illinois Basic Skills Test. It is highly
    recommended that transfer students take and pass the Basic Skills Test prior to entering
    Illinois State. Students may obtain test date information regarding the Basic Skills Test by
    contacting the Teacher Education Center at Illinois State (309-438-5416).

  • All students earning teaching certificates through Illinois State University must now demonstrate
    that they know how to ethically and effectively use instructional technology in ten different
    competency areas. Competencies 1-4 may be completed by transfer students prior to enrolling
    at ISU through COM 101 and COM 103 at Moraine Valley. Complete details will be available on
    the Instructional Technology Passport System web site after March 15th.

  • A grade of "C" or higher is required in COM-101, COM-102 (Moraine Valley requirement) and

  • Other requirements for Admission to Professional Studies (formerly Admission to Teacher Education)
    are listed on page 98 of the 2003-04 Undergraduate Catalog.

Elementary EducationGeneral Education Courses to include while obtaining the A.A./A.S.

  • Communications
    COM-101, COM-102, COM-103

  • Mathematics
    MTH- 121 and MTH- 122 (there will be additional math courses required upon transferring to ISU)

  • Life Science and Physical Science
    (1) course from BIO- 111, 112, 115, 119, or 180
    (1) course from physical science
    (1) additional life or physical science

  • Social Science
    PSY- 101 and PSY-105

  • Additional Requirements (can be taken at Moraine Valley)
    EDU- 111 and EDU- 205
    (1) course from the following (Meets the Global Studies Requirement)
    ANT- 202, 205; ART- 209; GEO- 101, 102, 201; HIS- 210, 215, 220, or 230; HUM- 104.

Note: Optional area of Concentration: 18 credit hours. 
All Elementary Education majors are required to complete 18 hours in one discipline. 9 of
those hours can be taken at Moraine Valley
. These disciplines include: General Science, Social Science,
Language Arts, Foreign Language or Mathematics. Please see an advisor for help in selecting
classes since there is a limit of 66 hours accepted for transfer.

MathISU highly suggests starting on the math sequence at Moraine if choosing to teach a
math concentration.

Special EducationGeneral Education Courses to include while obtaining the AA/AS:
Special Education strongly recommends students to have taken the equivalents to our Introduction
to Special Education (SED-101-EDU-111 at Moraine Valley
), Child Growth and Development
(C&I-210- 105 at Moraine Valley
), General Psychology (PSY-111-PSY-101 at Moraine Valley
), and Educational
Psychology (PSY-215- PSY-215 at Moraine Valley
) prior to their transfer to Illinois State. For the Fall 2002
and beyond students will have the option of the following Special Education Majors: Specialist in
Learning and Behavior (combines the former LD/BD/EMH and MSMD), Specialist in Deaf and
Hard-of-Hearing, and Specialist in Low Vision and Blindness. For the Specialist in Learning
and Behavior, six hours of Math are recommended.


For more information go to: www.cfa.ilstu.edu

  • Students interested in the School of Music should call (309-438-3566) early to set up an
    audition date for formal admission into the Music program. March 19th is the deadline for
    Fall 2004 auditions.


For more information contact: (309) 438-7400

Mennonite now has an on-line RN to BSN completion program.
Visit http://www.mcn.ilstu.edu for more information.

Transfer Admission Information

  • Mennonite College of Nursing does not accept applicants for Spring admissions for
    the prelicensure sequence.
    Students applying for the RN-BSN sequence (already licensed
    Registered Nurses) and graduate students will continue to be admitted in both the Spring and Fall.

  • All students interested in applying to the college should do so beginning September 1st of the
    year PRIOR to anticipated acceptance into the nursing program but no later than January 1st.

  • Minimum GPA for admissions is 2.7. Must have completed an A.A., A.S. or the IAI GECC and a
    minimum of 59 credit hours earned.

  • Submit both an ISU and Mennonite College of Nursing application.

  • The following IAI articulation worksheets are available at www.registrar.ilstu.edu/downloads/guides/morainevalley.pdf

NursingGeneral Education Courses to include while obtaining the A.A./A.S.:

ISU Course Number Moraine Valley
Course Equivalent
Semester Hours IAI Code
Communications COM-101, 102, 103
ECO- 138
MQM- 100
*MTH-139 Probability and Statistics
*MTH-212 Business Statistics
M1- 902
M1- 902
Physical Life Science
CHEM- 110/112
BSC- 181
*CHM-111 Fundamentals of Chemistry
*BIO-180 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
P1 902L

L1 904L
Humanities and Fine Arts 3 courses following IAI see http://www.itransfer.org
Social and Behavioral Science
PSY- 111
PSY- 113
*PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology

*PSY-104 Life Span Development Psychology
1 course to follow IAI in a department other than psychology see www.itransfer.org
S6 900
S6 902

*Designates a Mennonite College of Nursing prerequisite course- student must get a "C" or better in course

In addition to the IAI courses listed above, students need to complete additional Mennonite
College of Nursing prerequisite courses that are not currently a part of the IAI program.
These Moraine Valley courses include: *BIOL-119
Intro to Microbiology,
Human Anatomy and Physiology II, *PEH-172Nutrition for Today.

Students are encouraged to complete a course from the following (Meets the Global Studies
Requirement) ANT-202, 205; ART-209; GEO-101, 102, 201; HIS-210, 215, 220, or 230; HUM-104.