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Wednesday, Nov. 5
11 a.m.-1 p.m.

6 speakers

6 ideas

1 day


Talks Given on Nov. 5, 2014

Am I Paranoid?
Delwyn Jones
Buying a house is stressful enough, but buying a house when black adds more complexity. Delwyn Jones offers a bold but self-reflective performance piece on race and socio-economic status in suburban America. He explores the difficult and sometimes unexpected ways that history influences the present.

Terribly Toxic to Terrifically Tranquil
Maryan Jatczak
The American Holistic Nurses’ Association defines Holistic nursing as “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal”. As a psychiatric nurse, Maryan Jatczak has always felt her patient care met this standard. However, when she started her formal training in Holistic nursing, she was shocked to find that she wasn’t applying this practice to her own life. Come to hear about Maryan’s personal journey.

Not Quite White: U.S. Census Race Classification and Arab-Americans
Nina Shoman-Dajani
How many Arab-Americans live in the United States? This question cannot be answered accurately because there is no federal survey that counts all Arab-Americans. According the U.S. Census, people of Arab descent are classified as “White”…yet many Arab-Americans would consider themselves “not quite White”. Nina Shoman-Dajani will discuss the diversity that exists within the Arab-American community while providing a bit of the history of Arab-Americans in the U.S.—including their early “fight to be white” in order to gain U.S. citizenship and the current struggle of Arab-Americans to be recognized with their own category on the U.S. Census.

Plato’s Cave and Moraine’s Core Values
Jeffrey Christ
The Allegory of the Cave is one of the most recognizable, celebrated, and influential passages in Plato’s Republic. It has been read and pondered by uncounted numbers of people for thousands of years. Jeff Christ discusses this passage and draws some philosophical lessons from it, finding interesting connections to Moraine Valley’s Core Values.

“To Thine Own Self Be True”: Stories from a Life of Perpetual Wanderlust
Tommy Hensel
The need to belong and to be thought of as "normal" can be a powerful, pervasive force. But what happens when you feel as though, no matter what you try, you never truly fit in anywhere? Tommy Hensel shares stories of his life of perpetual wanderlust and serial "non-belonging." He explores the idea that the quest for new experiences can be a valid and empowering life journey despite social pressure to settle down, belong, and fit in.

More Room to the Pie. . . Living Life Beyond Slices
Jermaine Ford
The value of life is more than the sum total of things. Have you ever had an “aha moment”? Oprah calls the “aha moment” the connect-the-dot moment, “when everything suddenly—somehow changes.” Come with Jermaine Ford on a journey of discovering that “aha moment.” During this journey Jermaine discovered his inner voice and wrote his first book, “More Room to the Pie. . . Living Life Beyond Slices.” Hear how this book, scheduled to be released in 2015, changed his life forever. It might make you cry. It might make you laugh. It might even make you get up and shout hallelujah! Let’s journey together on the track called life to discover how writing this book changed his life forever. “More Room to the Pie. . . Living Life Beyond Slices”

Talks Given on Nov. 6, 2013

Beavers, Bogs, and Badlands: The Site and Situation of the Moraine Valley Area
Jason King
The wetland area infested with leeches and mosquitoes surrounding Moraine Valley once made explorers shudder. Formed by glaciers, this swampy and infertile land was not welcoming to Indians or European explorer. But, Jason king will share stories and lessons about why this area, now called Palos, was vital to the settlement of Chicago.

Preservation: Reclaiming and Maintaining My Identity as an Arab-American Woman
Souzan Naser
Souzan Naser is an Arab-American who was born in Palestine and raised in the United States. Modeling after her parents who were activists in the Arab-American community Souzan examines what it means to both Arab and American. She shares the complexity and negotiation process of weaving in and out of her two identities and how she strikes a balance between staying true to her Arab ethnicity while also integrating mainstream American values.

Four Stories of Data: The Hidden Power of Numbers
Jerimi Walker
The average American is a fountain of information, and companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook have openly used information about us and our activity to improve our experience and increase their revenue. Jerimi Ann Walker uses four stories of data to illustrate what companies know about us and how the numbers may reveal things that even we didn't know. Data can be used to understand, influence, and predict our behaviors.

Talks given on Feb. 20, 2013

Giving Life New Hope: Life Beyond Tragic Times
Beverly McLaughlin
All of us will face tragedies in our lives. Beverly McLaughlin tells her story of overcoming the death of her daughter. She and her husband chose to raise her daughter's two children and start an organization to help orphans in Kenya.

Longevity: the Ageless Quest
Scott Murdoch
Modern humans have greatly extended life spans with the advent of agriculture, industry, and medicine. Scott Murdoch invites us to go further. Combining wise lessons from ancient elders with data from modern research, he discusses ways we can add yet more happy years to our life.

Preserving My Memory in a Digital Drop Box
John Neff
Commonly when a loved one dies we receive a few items in a small box that is meant to serve as a lasting remembrance of the departed individual. Traditionally those boxes are filled with photos, papers, and maybe a few other physical keepsakes. However, the traditional remembrance box often does not effectively preserve an individual’s voice, their mannerisms, or their personalities. In this presentation, John Neff discusses some ways that he utilizes cloud storage and social media to create a digital drop box that is designed to preserve a more encompassing memorial of his life.

From History to Mystory: My Journey to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration
Charmaine Sevier
What happens when historic events suddenly become your living events? Charmaine Sevier takes us on the journey of how history became a part of her personal story as she planned for and attended the 2009 presidential inauguration.

Finding My Voice in a Quiet World
Maura Vizza
Growing up painfully shy and introverted, Maura Vizza’s hidden singing abilities were a mystery to the world. Through some life experiences and a chat with Eddie Vedder, she found some strength and her voice.


Talks given Nov. 7, 2012

Naming My Ghosts and Taming My Myths: A Narrative of Adoption, Discovery, and Reunion
Sandra Beauchamp
After spending several years of her adult life searching for answers surrounding her closed adoption, Sandra Beauchamp shares the struggle to locate her birth parents and simultaneously honor the authentic parents who lovingly raised her. This brief narrative is an introduction to her ongoing journey and the role storytelling plays in her quest for answers.

There and Back Again: My Journey from Teacher to Nursing Student and Back
Sam Chen
As students, we may wonder if the professor understands how what they do affects us. Sam Chen, who taught anatomy and physiology to prospective nursing students, explores his journey following his decision to become a become a nursing student. Sam discusses his new perspective on what a student feels, expects, and hopes for in a course.

A Hedgehog Guide to the Universe: Finding a Sense of Place within My Personal Geography
Dawn Wrobel
We all search for a place to call home and a group of people to form our tribe. Dawn Wrobel discusses how an unlikely love affair with hedgehogs helped to reconcile her personal geography and unique identity.

Why Integration Still Matters: Forced Bussing and Its Impact on My Life
Tamarra Coleman-Hill
Drawing on an narrative essay in her collection of essays about growing up in a Southern California, Tamara Coleman-Hill focuses on her own experiences and how court-ordered, bussing helped shape her life.

Walking the Walk: My Enduring Sustainability Journey
Stephenie Presseller
Childhood places, experiences with inspirational people, and life choices push us in new directions in life. Stephenie Presseller takes us on her ongoing journey that has led her to become the first sustainability manager at Moraine Valley. This is an amazingly beautiful, challenging, and winding road that invites us all to come along and walk the walk toward sustainability.

Behind and Through the Lens: My Life as a College Photographer
Glenn Carpenter
What is it like to witness history and, even more importantly, to be charged with recording it? Moraine Valley's college photographer, Glenn Carpenter, tells us about the 22 years he has spent recording the visual history of the college and capturing the special moments that change lives.


Talks given Feb. 16, 2012

"Perseverance and Hope: The Words of My Life"
Lawanda Burrell
Our experiences help to define who we are. LaWanda Burrell discusses how using perseverance and hope helped define her purpose in the eye of a life-altering storm.

"The Heart of My Writing: Younger Sons, Bastards, and Devils"
Dr. Thomas Dow
All good writing is personal. Tom Dow discusses how his own research into Victorian literature led back to himself.

"Why Joni Can't (Won't) Do Math or Science—And What You Can Do About It"
Larry Langellier
American students struggle in math and science. Larry Langellier discusses how the Lego project engages students in scientific thinking and problem solving.

“Communicating by Cutting Up Fabric and Sewing It Back Together”
Martha Mazeika
Life is a process of taking apart and sewing back together again. Martha Mazeika discusses her obsession with quilting and how she combines history and emotion in her art.

“What Bigfoot Can Teach Us About Belief"
Dr. Troy Swanson
Knowledge and belief are intertwined in surprising ways. Troy Swanson discusses how the mythic creature Bigfoot can teach us about knowledge and belief.

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