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Fall 2014

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Preserving My Memory in a Digital Drop Box
John Neff
Commonly when a loved one dies we receive a few items in a small box that is meant to serve as a lasting remembrance of the departed individual. Traditionally those boxes are filled with photos, papers, and maybe a few other physical keepsakes. However, the traditional remembrance box often does not effectively preserve an individual’s voice, their mannerisms, or their personalities. In this presentation, John Neff discusses some ways that he utilizes cloud storage and social media to create a digital drop box that is designed to preserve a more encompassing memorial of his life.

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Preservation: Reclaiming and Maintaining My Identity as an Arab-American Woman featuring Souzan Naser
Souzan Naser is an Arab-American who was born in Palestine and raised in the United States. Modeling after her parents who were activists in the Arab-American community Souzan examines what it means to both Arab and American. She shares the complexity and negotiation process of weaving in and out of her two identities and how she strikes a balance between staying true to her Arab ethnicity while also integrating mainstream American values.


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