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Wednesday, Nov. 6
11 a.m.-1 p.m.

3 speakers

3 ideas

1 day

Join us as six presenters who are knowledgeable and passionate about intriguing subjects inspire us with ideas worth sharing. Event is free and open to all. Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes. TLC is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Library.

Changing our community through teaching and learning.

The Teaching and Learning Community (TLC) event is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Library seeks to fulfill the CTL’s mission by creating a culture of learning by providing various professional development opportunities for all faculty and staff and the Library’s mission of supporting the curriculum through providing information resources.


  1. Find teachers, innovators and leaders who are able to inspire us with “ideas worth sharing.”

  2. Create a live learning event that is captured and shared via social media with the larger Moraine Valley community.

  3. Disseminate ideas in support of the curriculum.

  4. Foster knowledge sharing among faculty and staff in support of Moraine Valley Community College’s strategic priority of continuous improvement.

  5. Exhibit Moraine Valley’s wide variety of knowledge and talent to the external college community.

  6. Demonstrate the technology and instructional possibilities that are available within the CTL and library through the live event and the social media offerings.


  1. A learning event that will take place in the Library featuring 4-5 speakers. Each speaker will talk about a topic for which they are knowledgeable and passionate about. Each speaker will have a 15-minute time limit to deliver his or her talk. The event will be free of charge and will be available to all faculty, staff, and students.
  2. A primary goal of each talk is the production of a high quality video that captures the ideas presented and then makes the ideas available for sharing via social media. Each video will be promoted through campus wide email and with social media.

Simple Rules for Speakers:

  • The maximum length for each talk is 15 minutes.
  • The talk will be about a teaching/learning or student success topic which you are both knowledgeable and passionate about.
  • The talk can utilize a variety of resources (technology, flip charts, dry erase boards, etc.) but also must be natural (no reading from a script).
  • All participants that present or attend these talks are to be courteous, gracious, and professional.
  • Have fun and change the community!


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