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Internet/Email Guidelines

Moraine Valley Community College (“College” or “Moraine Valley”) provides use of electronic mail (“email,”) electronic bulletin boards, and the Internet (including FTP and Telnet facilities, news groups, and World Wide Web Browsers) as sources of information and a means of communication for the College community. All standards of behavior, courtesy, etiquette and values espoused by Moraine Valley govern the use of the email, Internet, and other computer facilities provided by the College. Specifically, users are expected to comply with the Policy for Responsible Use of Information Technology (Policy No. 6710), adopted by the Board of Trustees of Moraine Valley Community College. A copy of Policy 6710 is available to any user of Moraine Valley Community College’s Internet, email, and computer system upon request. The following Guidelines are intended by the College to be consistent with Policy 6710. Should any discrepancy exist between these Guidelines and Policy 6710, Policy 6710 shall control. While no set of guidelines can establish rules to cover every possible situation, the following Guidelines are designed to express the College’s philosophy and to set forth the following general principles for users of the email, Internet, and other computer facilities provided by Moraine Valley Community College:

  1.  Users shall observe and comply with all applicable copyright and other intellectual property rights.
  2.  Users shall respect the rights of others to be free from harassment and intimidation. Users shall not use the College computer system to send abusive, clearly unwanted, harassing, and/or threatening materials to others or to disrupt the work of others. The college retains the right to review, retain, make use of, or delete electronic communications and electronic files existing on college systems.
  3.  Users shall use resources efficiently. For example, storage space, computer paper, and computer access time are limited resources. Users shall respect any limitations or restrictions imposed upon the use of such resources to ensure fair access for all users.
  4.  Users shall extend these Guidelines, and learn and respect any additional rules or Guidelines that may apply, to remote systems accessed using Moraine Valley Community College facilities. Further, College facilities shall not be used to try to gain unauthorized access to Moraine Valley Community College systems or remote systems.
  5. While users shall respect the privacy of the electronic communications and electronic files of others and shall not attempt to violate the privacy of others, users must also understand that they have no expectation of privacy or ownership with respect to electronic communications or electronic files on the College network.
  6.  Users shall accept responsibility for their own actions and communications, and shall not use anonymous or pseudonymous communications that conceal their identity. Users shall not hold themselves out as official spokespersons for the College, or otherwise create such an impression, when expressing personal opinions in any communications.
  7.  Users shall not reveal their account password to anyone in the college or allow any other person to use their password. This includes family and other household members when work is being done at home.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the foregoing Guidelines governing the use of the Moraine Valley Community College email, Internet, and other computer facilities. I understand that I have no expectation of privacy when I use the Moraine Valley Community College email, Internet, and other computer facilities. I am aware that violations of these Guidelines on appropriate use of Moraine Valley Community College’s computer system, email, and Internet systems may subject me to disciplinary action, legal action and/or criminal liability. I further understand that my use of the College email, Internet, and other computer facilities may reflect on the image of Moraine Valley Community College to our staff, students, and others who come in contact with the College and that I have a responsibility to maintain a positive representation of the College. Furthermore, I understand that these Guidelines may be amended at any time.

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