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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know my username/student email address?
Contact Moraine Valley at (708) 608-4355 or Help Form.

Why do I have a Moraine Valley Community College official student email address?
You are automatically assigned your official email address when you enroll in a Moraine Valley course. Students will be required to use their college-issued email address to communicate with their instructors, so faculty will easily be able to distinguish a student’s email from spam.

Faculty will determine how electronic forms of communication (i.e., email) will be used, in their classes and will communicate their requirements in the course syllabus or by other means. Faculty can, therefore, make the assumption that students' official accounts are being accessed, and faculty can use email for their classes accordingly.

It is recommended that students routinely check this email account.

What is my official student email address?
Your official student email address is, where Username is your unique Moraine Valley network identifier. The format of the Username will be the student's full last name, followed by the first letter of their first name, and possibly numbers.

For example, “Dave Smith” might have the email address of: “”

How do I access my official student email account?
You can use your Web browser to go to Student email.

Can I pick my Username?
No. Usernames are automatically generated and assigned.

Can I change my official college email address?
No, each student is automatically assigned an official college email address.

What is my initial password?
Your initial password will be your birth date. For example, if your birthday is November 7, 1985, your password would be “11071985”. You will immediately be required to change this password at your first login.

How can I change my password?
Account passwords can be changed from the Change Password page. If you are unable to change your passwords, contact the Help Desk at (708) 608-4355 to have passwords reset.

*Please be aware that changing your password will reset the password for all of your student accounts ( i.e. Blackboard and MVConnect).

What if I forget my password?
Use the “Forgot your password?” link

Can I have official college email sent to some other address?
Yes, students are able to forward their mail to another account. Students will find this option setting in Office 365. All official college email will always be sent to your address. While the manner in which email is accessed is left to the student's discretion, it is recommended that students access the email sent to their Moraine Valley account directly from their account and not forward/redirect their email. There are considerable risks in forwarding/redirecting email from the student's official college email address to another email address. Forwarded/redirected messages may be delayed, lost in transit at various points along the Internet, or rejected by the targeted mailbox.

Is there a mailbox storage limit?
Yes, the limit is set to 5 gigabytes.

How do I know I am over limit?
A warning email will be sent when a student approaches the 5 GB limit. Students will not receive any more email or be able to send email until some items are deleted. It is the student’s responsibility to manage this storage on a consistent basis to ensure that there is ample storage available to continue to receive email sent by the college. Not having storage available is not an acceptable excuse for not receiving communications from the college.

How can I determine the size of my mailbox?
The current size of your mailbox appears at the top of the window when you are logged in.

How long can I keep my official student email account?
As long as you are a Moraine Valley student, you have an official student email account. Once you leave the college, your student email account will remain active for 180 days.

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