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Annual Assessment Fair

18th Annual Assessment Fair for Illinois Community Colleges: Assessing the Student Experience

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Session and Materials


Time Description Presentation Material
8:00-8:45a Check-in: Continental Breakfast  
9:00-9:10a Welcome: Dr. Pamela Haney, Vice President, Academic Affairs  
9:15-9:20a Introduction of Speaker: Gabe Estill, Director, Academic Assessment  
9:20-9:40a Speaker: Dr. Marilee Bresciani, Professor of Postsecondary Educational Leadership, San Diego State University Powerpoint
Q&A Session
9:45-10:25a World Café Workshop Notes
10:30-11:10a Breakout Session I File 1—Assessing Academic Advisor Training: A. Riphagen & S. Singh, Moraine Valley

File 2—E-Portfolio Assessment: R. McCord, McHenry County College

File 3—How Assessment Has Shaped Our Academic Success Workshop: M. Cullen & M. Paraskis, Moraine Valley

File 4—How Often Do College Students Use YouTube Videos to Learn Biology & Chemistry Concepts: A. Cherif, DeVry
11:15-11:55a Breakout Session II File 1—A Successful Approach for Engaging Faculty in Assessment: L. Manno, M. Tobin, and D. Tyndorf, Triton

File 2—Assessing Student Services-Getting Started at a Community College: B. Custer, Moraine Valley

File 3—Personal Responsibility-You Can[not] Measure That: H. Snider & B. Wagner, Rock Valley

File 4—Sustainability as a General Education Outcome: G. Estill, Moraine Valley
Noon Lunch  
12:15-1:00p Keynote Address: Jessica Oyler, Student Affairs Assessment Coordinator,
Weber State University
1:15-1:55p Breakout Session III File 1—Commenting for Improvement on Student Writing: R. Munch, Joliet Junior College

File 2—Dialogues in Diversity: D. Kondratowicz, Elgin Community College

File 3—Utilizing Assessment & Tracking Initiatives to Make Data-Driven Program Decisions: L. Kockler & P. Payne, Moraine Valley

File 4—Why Do Students Fail: A. Cherif, DeVry
2:00-2:40p Breakout Session IV File 1—Bring Your Own Device: G. Estill, Moraine Valley

File 2—A Teacher-Friendly Approach to Assessing the Student Experience: J. Evans, Prairie State College

File 3—Using Registration and Pre-Graduation Data to Assess and Support Practice and Process: P. Peyer & M. Rothmeyer, Rock Valley

File 4—Portfolio Assessment of General Education: Douglas Okey, Spoon River College
2:50-3:15p Closing Remarks: Gabe Estill, Director, Academic Assessment