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Purpose of the Moraine Valley Web Site

General Guidelines

Approvals and Authorization
Managing Your Web Site

Social Networking

Guidelines for Moraine Valley employees for effective use of social networking tools.

Web Page Development

Online Courses
Web Page for Your Subdivision, Department, or Unit (Nonfaculty Pages)
Basic Steps to Web Page Development

Introduction/Purpose of the Moraine Valley Website

Moraine Valley Community College recognizes the value of creating and maintaining a strong presence on the World Wide Web. We provide a range of information about academics, student support, extracurricular activities and other programs as well as general information. Just as is the requirement with print publications, the quality of information published electronically on Moraine Valley's website should appropriately and accurately reflect the image of the college.

To meet the diverse needs of Moraine Valley's Internet users, a cross-functional college team developed this manual. The manual outlines some basic and minimum standards, general procedures, and style guidelines for personnel charged with developing material to be published on the official college Web site. It is our hope the manual will aid staff and faculty in the development and maintenance of pages published for their divisions, subdivisions, departments, programs, and units on the official college website.

From an institutional perspective, the college approaches publishing on the official website with several major considerations in mind. These include:

  • emphasizing use of the web to carry out the mission of the college
  • making available a vast array of information and material that is consistent, clear and easy to access for students and community residents
  • maximizing the college's online potential
  • becoming more knowledgeable about emerging Internet technology and the related legal and other
  • issues associated with web publishing
  • and marketing and promoting the college, college events and other activities

Moraine Valley Community College respects academic freedom and intellectual creativity. This manual is intended to support those academic and intellectual freedoms of college employees while protecting the interests and resources of the college and all its students, faculty and staff.

Just as the Internet and web technology are dynamic and fluid, this manual should be viewed as a working document in development. It will be revised as needed, and employees should feel free to offer comments, recommendations and suggestions for possible change. At this time, however, it contains the official college position to be adhered to by all staff members who publish on the official college website.

General Guidelines

Content for general and divisional pages will be written and maintained by Marketing and Creative Services. Content for subdivisions, departments and units should follow the standard template and is the responsibility of the supervisor of the area (following the approval process), working with Marketing and Creative Services. Content for online class pages is the responsibility of those creators.

Web content and design are subject to the same college policies and standards as Moraine Valley's print publications. All content on the Moraine Valley website is periodically reviewed by the Marketing and Creative Services Department and must follow the normal approval and authorization processes. Although faculty pages do not require formal approval, content that is outdated, incorrect, of a questionable nature, or reflects poorly on the college's image will require attention of the appropriate faculty and staff, dean or vice president.

The author is responsible for keeping links current. Periodically check the links on your pages to make sure they still work and are directing users to the correct site.

The Moraine Valley Community College website is copyrighted annually or when necessary to maintain the integrity of the site. Copyright ownership applies immediately when a work is put in a tangible form, even if it hasn't been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Moraine Valley reserves the right to have its copyright cover all original material that is posted on the site that may not otherwise be covered by a copyright. Faculty may refer to the faculty contract agreement regarding copyright ownership for faculty-created material.

Material on Moraine Valley's website is expected to comply with existing copyright laws and regulations. Individuals developing web pages should not use works copyrighted by others unless they have permission or fall within an exception to the existing copyright laws and regulations.

With the exception of faculty pages, all content published on the official college website must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate personnel in each area creating or revising web pages and the Marketing and Creative Services Department. To assist you in the approval process, contact the Marketing and Creative Services Department at (708) 974-5276 or (708) 974-5244.

All official college information ready to go live on the website also is subject to the review and approval of the supervisors of your subdivision, department or unit. This includes general pages, division, subdivision, department, and unit pages. In addition, the approval of the division vice president is required. The "Request for Going Live" project folder will be used to document the final approval process.

Managing Your website
Within each division, there is one contact person per departmental website who maintains those pages, working with the Marketing and Creative Services Department. Faculty and online class pages are maintained by the creator.

Each department is responsible for coordinating web page development with the Marketing and Creative Services Department, ensuring that web pages are kept up-to-date, all links are accurate, and assuring that web pages receive proper approval.

Departments are responsible for

  • any information and links to other websites that reside on their web pages
  • assuring the web site is used for Moraine Valley Community College business purposes only
  • for ensuring the pages' adherence to the college's web guidelines

Individuals with approval to maintain pages will be authorized to access the test site for development and maintenance.

Web Page Development

Interested in creating a web page? Follow a basic set of steps (depending on your needs) for faculty, online instructors and subdivisions/departments/units.

Pages to Support Face-to-Face Classes
Faculty sites to support traditional classes should follow these basic steps:

  1. Request an appointment with an Instructional Designer in the Center for Teaching and Learning by calling extension 5347.
  2. The Center for Teaching and Learning will arrange server space within the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Online Courses
All online courses are developed in Blackboard through collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning. For more information, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at extension 5347.

Faculty Pages
The college supports faculty who wish to develop and maintain a faculty web page. The information allows students and community residents to learn more about our academic professionals. A faculty member who wishes to link a web page (e.g., listing degrees, interests, research) to the Moraine Valley web site may do so, provided the faculty page includes the following disclaimer:

"The content, views and opinions on this web site are strictly those of the author. The contents have not been reviewed or approved by Moraine Valley Community College."

Nonfaculty Pages-Subdivisions/Departments/Units
Whether you're starting a page from scratch, want to learn more about creating web pages, or want to update existing pages, Marketing and Creative Services can help. We can write the content and design the pages, or take existing content and place it in a design that is consistent with the college's website.

Basic Steps to Web Page Development

If you are creating a completely new website, follow these basic steps:

  1. Review other websites, both educational and non-educational, that are similar to yours.
  2. Browse the Moraine Valley website to see how pages are written, organized, designed and linked.
  3. Contact Marketing and Creative Services to set up a meeting for you (and any other appropriate people in your area), our web writer (if necessary) and Creative web designer to discuss content organization, graphics/photos, links and more.
  4. A test site will be developed for your review. Upon receipt of all necessary approvals, the site will move live.

If you are updating an existing website, follow these basic steps:

  1. Call the Creative Web Designers at x5276 or x5244 or the web writer at x5272 to discuss proposed changes.
  2. You will be notified when the changes have been made, appropriate approvals have been received, and can be seen on the live site.
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