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Multimedia Services Request Form

One request per form PLEASE!

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NOTE: 24-hour notice is preferred for all requests. Requests may not be fulfilled if submitted after 7 p.m. the day prior to your event. Ample notice ensures availability of equipment and personnel. If Multimedia Services schedule is full, we have several do-it-yourself solutions available. Call x4357 for more information.

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Type of Request

Event Capture
I need an on-campus event captured

What is the nature of the capture? (check all that apply)
Other (please explain):

What needs to be captured? (check all that apply)
Video and audio of the presenter(s) speaking
Only audio of the presenter(s) speaking
Presentation materials

How many presenters will be speaking?

How many of those presenters will be speaking at the same time?
Examples include panel discussions, events with a host and co-host, and group presentation events.

Do you need this event to be streamed live?

What do you expect as a finished video?
Basic editing (Just the event from start to finish)
If the above is checked, please write the title of the video in the space below. The title will be displayed at the beginning of the finished video. If you would not like a title, please write None.

Advanced Editing (please describe)

Requested due date (5 weekday minimum):

Is there anything else that’s important to mention regarding your request?
Yes (please explain):

Mobile Equipment  Availability
DVD/BluRay Player with Monitor
Camera on Cart with Monitor (Digitally records to USB)
LCD Video Projection System (for Laptop Connection) with Tripod Screen
CD/Cassette Player 

Staging and Special Events  More Information
PA System
          Please tell us about the event: 

Lavaliere Microphone
Podium Microphone
Microphone on Table Stand
Microphone on Floor Stand
Wireless Microphone on Floor Stand

Video Conferences  What is a Video Conference?
Video Conference

Video Encoding
Video Encoding

Webcast  What is a Webcast?

Event Support
Set-up technician (leaves after set-up)
Event technician (stays for event)

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