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The travel industry offers an array of exciting job opportunities. Travel careers may involve exotic locations and can put one in touch with people all over the globe. Since travel is a multibillion-dollar industry, it is important that travel professionals possess a range of skills. This program offers training that gives graduates the knowledge and skills to prepare for success in a travel career.

The certificate offers:

  • basic training for entry-level positions

  • specialized training to meet personal goals linked to improved job knowledge and skills

The travel certificate covers a broad spectrum of topics applicable to all the areas of the travel industry. Students will develop the skills necessary for a variety of careers in travel, including the airlines, both at Midway and O'Hare airport, tour operators, hotels, consolidators, rental car businesses, Amtrak, cruise lines, attractions, convention and visitors bureaus.

Nature of Work—The travel-tourism industry provides employment full-time, part-time, job share, as well as working virtually from home. One receives traditional benefits and non-traditional benefits. Salaried employees receive traditional benefits such as medical insurance coverage and paid vacation, while self-employed must provide for themselves.

Related Job Titles—Moraine Valley graduates find employment with the airlines, both at Midway and O'Hare, tour operators, hotels, consolidators, rental car businesses, Amtrak, cruise lines, attractions, conventions and visitors bureaus. Some of the entry-level job titles include: travel counselor, tour escort, cruise, airline, hotel, and rental car customer service representative and/or reservations agent.

Employment Outlook—With rising household incomes, smaller families, and an increasing number of older people who are more likely to travel, people are expected to increase their vacation travel. Business travel also should bounce back from recession and terrorism-related lows as business activity expands. Further, as American corporations open more foreign operations and businesses, and increasingly sell their goods and services worldwide, more business travel is anticipated.

Earnings—Experience, sales ability, and the location and size of the company are factors affecting salary. Additionally, the Travel Professional's 16th Annual Compensation Survey reflects the average annual compensation for travel agents in 2008 was $33,475. Median expected salaries in Chicago for the  following job categories:
Reservations agents $31,784
Customer service representatives $34,023
Counter and rental agents $33,428
Corporate travel supervisors $50,123
Flight attendants $56,215
Source: salary.com Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011

The median salary in Chicago for travel coordinators is $47,883. Salaries range between $33,940 to $63,850. Source: Salary.com

Additionally, employees of the travel industry usually get reduced rates on products sold in the travel industry including cruises, car rental, accommodations, tour packages and transportation. These benefits for themselves and their families attract many people to this occupation.

For job and internship listings and job search assistance, contact the Job Resource Center in the Student Services Center, S202, (708) 974-5737, www.morainevalley.edu/jrc.

Gainful Employment Information—The college provides information about the number of semesters and expected costs to complete this program, as well as the current job outlook. Visit morainevalley.edu/programs/employment.htm.

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