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Integration Bee

13th Annual Richard A. Fritz Integration Bee - Spring 2015

The annual integration bee gives Moraine Valley students a chance to show off their mathematics skills and earn prizes along the way!

The 13th annual Richard A. Fritz Integration Bee was held on April 1,2015 and was an exciting display of mathematical talent.  Congratulations to this year's winners!

1st place: Jamie Kraus

2nd Place: Yuma Yamamoto

Winners (from left to right):
Jamie Kraus (1st place), Patrick Maziarz, Yuma Yamamoto (2nd place), Gusan Kartoum, Abhishek Ladsaria, Makar Baranov, Ahmed Said, Fadi Al-Zuabi, Rawan Zayed

Previous Integration Bee Winners

12th Annual Integration Bee Winners

The math department would like to thank everyone involved and congratulate the winners!

1st place Hiu Yan Ip
2nd place
Jamie Kraus, Nour Baloot, and Mei Yin Chan

Integration Bee Winners (L-R):
Jamie Kraus, Hiu Yan Ip (winner), Nour Baloot, Mei Yin Chan


11th Annual Integration Bee Winners

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 11th annual Integration Bee!

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place Sambong (Daniel) Jang
2nd place Ryan Arendt
3rd place tie Aaron Graves and Amanda Budz

Integration Bee Winners (L-R):
Ryan Arendt (2nd place), Aaron Graves (3rd place--tie), Amanda Budz (3rd place--tie), and Sambong (Daniel) Jang (1st place--Integration Champ).


10th Annual Integration Bee - Spring 2012
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 10th annual Integration Bee! It was a very intense and close competition!

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place Kyle Wong
2nd place Nganh Le, Johnson Chan, and Raymond Cheung
3rd place
Patrycja Guza, Hyungsuk Do, and Marco Rodriguez

Integration Bee Winners (L-R):
Nganh Le, Johnson Chan, Patrycja Guza, Kyle Wong (the champion), Hyungsuk Do, Marco Rodriguez, and Yu Tung Cheung (Raymond).

9th Annual Integration Bee Winners - Spring 2011
Students displayed their talents at the 9th Annual Integration Bee in Spring 2011 to the cheers of students, faculty, administrators, and family members. There were 12 mathematics students who participated in the Bee this year.

1st place Johnson Chan
2nd place Emilio Fuentes
3rd place
David Chiao, Tin-Kai Chow, Matt Piper, and Ricardo Rodriguez


Integration Bee Winners (L-R):
David Chiao, Matt Piper, Johnson Chan, Tin-Kai Chow, Ricardo Rodriguez, Emilio Fuentes