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Careers in Math

Considering a career in math? Good idea! With a mastery of mathematical skills, you can pursue many different careers. Talk to a mathematics faculty member or an advisor to discuss your options today.

Answer the age-old question, "When Will I Use Math?". You just may discover some surprising answers.

Many careers in math require a bachelor's degree. Consider contacting the college or university you'd like to attend to discuss their math program requirements. Some local area colleges and universities with undergraduate math programs include:

Love math, but you're still undecided on a career direction?

Here's just a few math-related careers to consider.

People in math careers

Computer programmers
Cryptographers (Coders)
Data analysts
Financial and investment analysts
High school teachers/college instructors
Industrial/applied mathematicians
Operations researchers
Production managers
Quality control engineers
Risk managers
Textbook editors

People in careers that use math

Casino managers
Music producers
Real estate agents

Need more information on math careers?
Check out these resources and start planning your successful future in math.

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Chronicle of Higher Education
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Mathematical Association of America
An organization for people who love the mathematical sciences.

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics
Provides math resources and professional development for math teachers at all levels.

Society of Actuaries
Learn what it takes to be an actuary.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Learn about careers in applied math.