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Student Employees (Budgeted and Work-Study)

Student employment is an integral part of the efficient operation of campus programs and offices. It also provides career development opportunities for student employees. Student employment enhances a student’s educational experience by developing self-awareness and self-esteem, providing information about personal strengths and weaknesses, and offering opportunities to experience significant work relations with a variety of people. Learn more about becoming a student employee.

Student Employment Supervisors

Student employees depend on guidance and assistance from supervisors to make their work experience worthwhile and productive. Supervisors of student employees directly impact students’ educational experience at Moraine Valley by contributing to their professional development and skill attainment. Learn more about being a student employment supervisor.

2014 Student Employee of the Year
Cecilia Torres, Academic Skills Center

Megan Roberts, Student Life
Rosalie Hincks, Student Life
Zachary Walkover, Photo ID

Cecilia Torres

2014 Student Employment Supervisor of the Year
Shannon Noble, Photo ID/Admissions

Christine Danish, Testing Center
Demetrius Robinson, Student Life

Shannon Noble

2014 Student Employment Best Practice of the Year

Student Life