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America Reads - Family Literacy Project

America Reads cultivates a partnership between Moraine Valley Community College and area public schools, providing a high quality mentoring program that enriches learning opportunities for both college and elementary school students. America Reads tutors assist with students in kindergarten to 3rd grade who are struggling with reading.


  • 40 percent of the nation's children are not reading well enough by the end of the third grade
  • Studies find that sustained, individualized attention can greatly raise reading levels, especially when combined with parental involvement

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"I worked one-on-one and in group projects with little kids, whose first language is not English, and it was so satisfying to see these children learning through my help. I made a difference. These kids really look forward to seeing you, so you have to be dedicated. And really, everyday feels so rewarding and uplifting when I came to Dorn Primary School. This experience is going to help me with my future goals to work in education."
- Jameel Shukair, Student, Moraine Valley Community College, Former America Reads Tutor, 2009-2011

"I really enjoyed working as an America Reads tutor and making a contribution. It was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys children and reading."
- Tristan Sumpter, Student, Moraine Valley Community College, Former America Reads Tutor, 2009-2010

"I absolutely loved working with the kids at Burr Oak Academy as an America Reads tutor. I also learned how to communicate better and gained some good skills that I know will take me places and help me be a better mom."
- Nikki Jones, Moraine Valley Community College, Former America Reads Tutor, 2008-2010

"I am very grateful for the America Reads program. I learned how to be patient and got great experience working with different 2nd graders. I hope to work in education in the future and this has been priceless. Thank you Job Resource Center and Burr Oak Academy for giving me the opportunity."
- Pamela Wiley, Moraine Valley Community College, Former America Reads Tutor, 2008-2009

To be a program participant, you must:

  • Have received a Federal Work-Study award through Financial Aid
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester
  • Be available to work during regular school hours
  • Have access to reliable transportation
  • Be interested in experience working with children
  • Pass background and fingerprint check
  • Commit to program participation

Students are required to complete an interview and provide a writing sample. Upon hire, America Reads students must complete student employment orientation and hiring paperwork.

To apply, please follow the Student Employment Application.

Please contact us at or (708) 974-5737 if you have any questions.