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MIS-146 Skills Survey

To test your current operating systems skill level and to determine if MIS 146 is an appropriate course for you, take this survey and answer Yes or No to the following statements.

NOTE: MIS-146 covers various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 7 and XP, Linux, IBM i OS, MAC OS, Virtual Machines and Non GUI OS’s like DOS, etc. The primary focus is personal computer operating systems, however, some mobile OS’s are also briefly discussed.

  Statement Yes No
1. I understand what an operating systems is in general, and the primary functions of a computer operating system.

2. I am able to use basic applications common to Windows operating systems (i.e. User Management, Explorer, Notepad, Command Prompt, Computer Management Console, etc).

3. I am able to perform basic disk maintenance (i.e. Check Disk, Disk Clean-up, De-fragmentation).

4. I am able to perform basic back-up data (i.e. backup, incremental backup, differential backup, etc).

5. I am able to manage files, folders/directories, and subfolders/subdirectories in a Microsoft Windows environment using Explore and My Computer.

6. I can manipulate the taskbar and start-up settings.

7. I understand how to apply Microsoft OLE (i.e. link and embed).

8. I am able to use a mouse to accomplish tasks in a graphic user interface environment (i.e. Microsoft Windows environment).

9. I can articulate the differences between various Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

10. I can list the basic differences between the FAT and NTFS file systems.

11. I can define the terms firewall and proxy.

12. I understand file and folder attributes and know how to set permissions.

13. I am able to execute basic commands in MS-DOS (i.e. DIR, MD, DEL, ERASE, CD COPY, etc.).

14. I understand batch file commands, and know how to create batch files.

15. I understand how Windows XP and 7 security works, and can articulate the security differences between the two OS.

16. I can use online help and support effectively.

17. I understand how files are stored on a hard disk and on removable media.

18. I can install/uninstall hardware and software.

19. I can effectively use the control panel to configure the operating system.

20. I can create shortcuts, customize the desktop, screen savers, and display resolution.

21. I understand the basics of NOS (Network Operating Systems).

22. I am familiar with Automated System Recovery (ASR).

23. I am familiar with operating systems registry.

24. I am familiar with an overview of TCP/IP.

25. I am familiar with a boot-up process and troubleshooting start-up issues.

26. I have worked with Open Source Operating Systems such as Linux.

27. I understand the basics of the IBM i OS.

28. I have worked with the Apple MAC OS and can navigate the environment.

29. I understand the basic concepts of server virtualization, operating system virtualization and client virtualization.

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