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MIS-108 Computer Skills Survey

To test your current skill level and knowledge of Internet concepts in order to determine if MIS-108, Internet Basics, is an appropriate course for you, take this survey and answer Yes or No to the following statements.

  Statement Yes No
1. I can define the term ISP.

2. I can explain how to connect to the Internet using a modem, cable modem or DSL provider.

3. I know the difference between and ISP, a search engine, and a browser.

4. I can use email to send and receive messages.

5. I know how to send and receive attachments using email.

6. I know how to download files from the Internet, and then how to find them on my computer.

7. I am familiar with the process of reading and posting message to newsgroups and discussion boards.

8. I can compress (zip) and uncompress (unzip) a file or a group of files.

9. I define the term FTP and am familiar with its uses on the Internet.

10. I am fully familiar with the browser's buttons, menus, toolbars and scrollbars.

11. I understand security threats such as viruses and denial-of-service attacks.

12. I know how to update my virus definitions and understand why this should be done on a weekly basis.

13. I know how to scan an individual file or my entire system for viruses.

14. I am familiar with and use at least four different search engines.

15. I know how to effectively search using Boolean Operators to find concise information quickly.

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