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Special Topics

What is a special topics course?

Special topics courses offer new, state-of-the-art topics prior to becoming a regularly offered course in our curriculum. Some special topics courses can be used as elective courses. Be sure to check with your advisor to get these approved as an elective for a degree or certificate. The course codes for the IMS Department Special Topics courses are MIS-199 for a 1 credit special short topics course, and MIS-200 for a 3 credit special topics course. Various topics will be offered each semester. Note the topic and the section numbers when registering.

Look for MIS-, OSA- and IMS- course prefixes to locate other classes related to applications (MS Office, graphics, etc.), software, programming, web design and development, operating systems, keyboarding, e-commerce, databases, Internet courses, computer basics, etc.

Spring 2015 Special Topic:
MIS 199-200 is a special short topics course focusing this semester on an Introduction to Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA). Students will explore concepts and principles used in QA positions, gain a general skills introduction, and discuss certifications in the field.

The instructor, Yvonne Enselman, works in the QA world and is very passionate on the subject and has a lot of practical knowledge to share with students.

This class begins Friday, March 20 and runs for 8 weeks. Class meets from 6:30-8:20 p.m. in room T950.

For more information, contact Michelle August at or (708) 974-5622.

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