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Certification Testing

The Information Management Systems Department strongly encourages students to pursue certifications. By passing one or more certification exams, students can prove to employers their proficiency in computer applications and technologies.

If you are ready to take a certification exam, please contact Carrie Wolf, Testing Coordinator, at the Moraine Valley Community College Testing Center for an appointment. Carrie may be reached at (708) 974-5319 or

For additional testing services information, see the Moraine Valley Testing Services Center.

Click a certification logo below to view more information regarding these certification exams.

IC3 Microsoft Office Specialist Quickbooks Certified User
Adobe Certified Associate Microsoft Technology Assistant Common Business Computing Associate

Course->Certification Roadmap

Course(s) Certification It Prepares For*
IMS-101 IC3
IMS-215 Microsoft Office Specialist Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
MIS-254, MIS-239
and MIS-123
MTA Software Development Fundamentals (98-361)
MIS-121 MTA Networking Fundamentals (98-366)
MIS-146 MTA Windows OS Fundamentals (98-349)
MIS-292 MTA Database Administration Fundamentals (98-364)
MIS-289 MTA .Net Fundamentals (98-372)
MIS-141, MIS-241,
and OSA-125
MTA HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)
MIS-289 and MIS-285 MTA Windows Development Fundamentals (98-362)
MIS-285 MTA Web Development Fundamentals (98-363)
OSA-236 Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop
OSA-135 Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver
OSA-135 Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash
OSA-138 Video Communication using Adobe Premiere Pro
OSA-122 Microsoft Office Specialist Excel
OSA-116 Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook
OSA-145 Microsoft Office Specialist Word
OSA-230 Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint
OSA-257 Microsoft Office Specialist Access
OSA-249 QuickBooks Certified User

*With use of test-specific training provided with the course


Certified Professional Secretary

Moraine Valley Community College Office Systems and Applications Department has a long history of helping administrative assistants work toward and accomplish the Certified Administrative Professional rating. We support CPS (Certified Professional Secretary) and CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) holders by offering college credit to those who possess these ratings.

Proficiency credit is available at $25 per class to those who have earned the CPS or CAP rating. The following courses have been approved for credit:

  • CPS (Certified Professional Secretary)
  • CAP (Certified Administrative Professional)
Course Code Course Titles Hours Certification Exam
IMS-101 Introduction to Computer Systems 3 CPS or CAP
IMS-115 Introduction to PC Applications 3 CPS or CAP
OSA-100 Keyboarding I 1 CPS or CAP
OSA-243 Business Writing 2 CPS or CAP
OSA-249 Accounting for Office Professionals 3 CPS or CAP
OSA-255 Administrative Office Procedures 3 CPS or CAP
BUS-136 Business Law 3 CPS or CAP
ECO-101 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 CPS or CAP
BUS-231 Principles of Management 3 CPS or CAP
BUS-232 Human Resources Management 3 CPS or CAP
PSY-201 Human Relations in Organizations 3 CPS or CAP

Visit the International Association of Administrative Professionals, which sponsors the CAP certification.

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