Moraine Valley Community College || Restaurant/Hotel Management and Culinary Arts || Courses, Degrees and Certificates

Courses, Degrees and Certificates


RTM-100--Food Service Sanitation
RTM-101--Introduction to Hospitality Industry
RTM-102--Quality Food Production I
RTM-202--Quality Food Production II
RTM-203--Garde Manager
RTM-204--Quality Food Production III
RTM-205--Beverage Management
RTM-206--Menu Writing and Marketing
RTM-207--Food, Beverage, and Equipment Purchasing
RTM-209--Baking/Pastry I
RTM-210--Nutrition for Food Service Managers
RTM-211--Baking/Pastry II
RTM-220--Concepts of Hospitality Cost Control
RTM-222--Supervisory Housekeeping
RTM-223--Convention Management and Service
RTM-225--Catering, Banquet and Specialty Services
RTM-227--Front Office Procedures
RTM-230--Hospitality Portfolio
RTM-231--Hospitality Supervision
RTM-233--Hospitality Internship

Degrees and Certificates

The college offers two Associate in Applied Science programs related to Restaurant/Hotel Management and Culinary Arts.

Four certificates are offered for those individuals seeking instruction and experience in business.