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Employees (Faculty/Staff)

Category Monthly Payroll Deduction
Employee (Faculty/Staff) $26 $12/paycheck
Spouse $40 $18.46/paycheck
Dependent $26 $12/paycheck
Family $70 $32.30/paycheck

Moraine Valley employees are eligible to purchase a membership for $26 per month with no activation or cancellation fees. All faculty/staff are required to have a Moraine Valley ID card, issued at Building S, to gain access. They may add a spouse and/or dependent to their accounts for a monthly fee. They also may sign up as a family membership. Benefit eligible faculty/staff are allowed to utilize payroll deduction for their personal, spouse, and/or family monthly memberships. An equal amount will be deducted from each paycheck (paycheck amount = membership month price x 12 months/26 paychecks).

Register for the HFRC in-person by visiting the P Building or sign-up by phone by calling (708) 608-4000.