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Group Fitness and Open Schedule Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Exercise at a set time within a group setting. A great opportunity for students of all ages and fitness levels. Each class consists of various resistance/strength training, cardiovascular training methods, flexibility, and upper-body alignment/form. (1 credit hour each)

  • PEH-107 Group Introduction to Fitness
    Emphasizes cardio, strength, and flexibility training
  • PEH-141 Classic Cardio Fitness
    Traditional cardio , strength and flexibility
  • PEH-142 Cardio Cross Training
    Variety of cross-training methods, moderate- to high-level intensity
  • PEH-144 Dance Cardio Fitness
    Numerous dance styles, moderate- to high-level intensity
  • PEH-120 Introduction to Body/Mind Fitness
    Progressive series of exercises derived from the classic disciplines of yoga and Pilates
  • PEH-122 Yoga Basics and Beyond
    The study of the physical and philosophical foundations of Yoga
  • PEH-143 Circuit Training Fitness
    Resistance training and Cardiovascular conditioning through Circuit Training

Group Fitness Dance Classes

  • PEH-110 Ballet
    Principles of ballet and elements of technique through barre and center work
  • PEH-112 Jazz
    Principles of jazz dance and elements of technique to develop jazz dance skills
  • PEH-117 Modern Creative Dance
    Concepts of modern dance, creative movement, dance patterns, and techniques

Open Schedule Classes

Work out at your own convenience and pace. from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at our Health Fitness Center. Once you complete the required HFC introduction, (questionnaire and blood pressure check) you can begin exercising in the HFC. If you'd like, your instructor will design and assist you with a personal workout program. (1 credit hour each)

  • PEH-105 Physical Fitness
    Cardiovascular conditioning, weight training and flexibility workouts
  • PEH-108 Weightlifting
    Weight training guidelines, basic skills
  • PEH-138 Cardiovascular Conditioning
    Respiratory fitness through regular aerobic exercise
  • PEH-140 Weight Training
    Weight training guidelines and principles for developing muscular strength, endurance, power and muscle symmetry


Contact Program Coordinator Catherine Nolan, or (708) 974-5378 or the Department Chair, Bill Barz,, (708) 974-5473.

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By phone—Call (708) 974-2110.
In person—Visit the Registration Office in Building S, Room S103.
Online—Register for classes online. Click "Prospective Students" then "Search, Register and Pay for Non-Credit classes."

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