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Health Sciences as a Career

The growing health care field offers many career opportunities, and Moraine Valley's comprehensive programs provide you with strong employment prospects.

Moraine Valley's Health Science Career Programs combine expert classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory training with valuable internship experience at local health institutions with excellent reputations. Best of all, you can get started in a career in health care in a short period of time, about two years or less, depending on the program you choose. Moraine Valley is the smart choice to help you prepare for a successful future in health care.

Moraine Valley Community College Health Science Programs—An Introduction (PowerPoint)

Emergency Responders

Emergency responders refer to those professionals that respond first to an emergency situation. Careers that fit the first responder category include: criminal justice, emergency medical services, fire science, and private protective services. For information on emergency medical service programs offered at Moraine Valley, please click on the link located on the left-hand side of this page marked Emergency Medical Services. For information on other careers in emergency response, please visit the Department of Public Service Web site.

Wellness Careers

One of the exciting new aspects to health care is an emphasis on wellness as a preventive disease mechanism. Moraine Valley is proud to offer several programs associated with wellness.

Admission Policies

Moraine Valley is a comprehensive full-service community college with an open-door admission policy for high school graduates and others qualified to enter. Admission is available to individuals 18 or older who are high school graduates/GED recipients, or who have permission from their high school.

Criminal Background Checks

In order to comply with certain state statutes and/or clinical affiliation agreements, students may be asked to complete a criminal background check. Application forms for criminal background checks may be obtained through the Career Programs Subdivision Office, B150, and fees paid to the Cashier's Office. For information on criminal background application procedures, contact the Career Programs Subdivision Office at (708) 974-5708. Deadline dates for completion of criminal background checks will be announced by Program Coordinators.