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Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program
Course Requirements

Step 1:

Before enrolling in this program, students must first document a reading level of 8th grade or higher. To accomplish this, students must take the COMPASS Reading Placement Test. Successful completion of the COMPASS Reading Placement Test at 091 level or higher is required for admission to the BNAT Program. The approximate cost of the COMPASS Reading Placement Test is $8 (See student resources for COMPASS lab hours).

Some students may be excused from taking the COMPASS Reading Placement Test because of previous academic work, i.e., college credits already earned. Students who think they may be exempted from the COMPASS Reading Placement Test should meet with an Academic Advisor. While all of our Academic Advisors are excellent, Ali Riphagen and Lissette Alvarado have worked the most closely with students enrolled in Health Science Programs. To make an appointment with Ali or Lissette, call (708) 974-5721.

Step 2:
By the fourth week of each class, students must submit the completed health forms and copy of CPR cards to their lecture instructor. Students are strongly urged to complete the health requirements listed below as soon as possible

Requirements for the BNAT program are as follows:

  • Valid United States social security number (Work Visas are not acceptable per the Illinois Department of Public Health)
  • Documentation of successful completion of a CPR for Healthcare Providers' course-approximate cost: $80 The course number is AH8-039. For more information on CPR for Healthcare Providers, contact Aurora Zwick, Corporate, Community and Continuing Education, at (708) 974-5735.
  • Personal Health Insurance for Clinical Sessions-approximate cost: $95
  • Student History and Physical Requirements: (Forms will be distributed the first day of class.
  • Physician's office visit to complete the History and Physical Form-approximate cost $35-75
  • Lab test to show proof of immunity to rubella, rubeola, mumps, and varicella (measles, mumps, chickenpox) - approximate cost $100+
  • Completion and documentation of a Two-Step Mantoux TB Skin Test-approximate cost $35
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine series, (or signed waiver declining the vaccine series) approximate cost - $120+
  • Proof of tetanus inoculation within the past 10 years-approximate cost -$25
  • Ten-panel urine drug screen- approximate cost $40

Other requirements include:

  • Uniform: White Scrub Top, White Scrub Pants, White closed-toe/rubber-sole shoes-approximate cost $75
  • Stethoscope approximate cost-$35
  • Wristwatch with second (sweep) hand- $20
  • Textbook/workbook package-$65
  • Moraine Valley Student I.D.-$3 (included in course tuition)
  • IL Department of Public Health electronic fingerprint fee-$28
    Check or money order made payable to Moraine Valley Community College, given to lecture instructor the first week of class.

Criminal Background Qualification—The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that all students in this program must be electronically fingerprinted. A felony conviction will prohibit an individual from taking the program and seeking employment in any healthcare facility in the State of Illinois. Any inquiries regarding criminal convictions should be directed to the Illinois Department of Public Health at (217) 785-5133.