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Phlebotomy—Career Opportunities

Nature of Work
Phlebotomists obtain blood specimens promptly, efficiently, and safely from patients and clients. They are employed by private laboratories, blood centers, hospitals, outpatient clinics and private doctors practice groups. The phlebotomist is an integral member of the laboratory technical and scientific team.

Related Job Title

Employment Outlook
Employment opportunities for phlebotomists are widespread. The growth is driven by the increased medical needs of an aging population and more diagnostic testing. Locally, the labor market is growing, primarily because of the increase in home health care services and employment opportunities for phlebotomists with contract laboratory organizations.

Transferable Skill
Graduates of the Moraine Valley Community College Phlebotomy Program certainly possess skills that will allow them to enter the health care industry and work as phlebotomists. However, phlebotomy is a skill that is used in other health science careers, too, including Medical Assistant, Nursing , Radiologic Technology and Respiratory Therapy.