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Coding Specialist—FAQs

Can I Transfer In?
Select courses (Medical Terminology and Computer courses) may be transferred in following a conference with the Program Coordinator. Coding courses and Health Information Technology courses are not able to be transferred.

Can I complete the Coding Specialist Program part-time?
Yes, the Coding Specialist Program requires career courses (MRT-110, MRT-111, and MRT-130) that are also required by the Medical Transcription and Health Information Technology Programs. Students who wish to complete the program on a part-time basis are encouraged to take these courses first, so that the coding courses can be completed within two semesters and a summer session.

Can I take courses at night?
Yes, courses required for the Coding Specialist Program are offered with both day and evening sections.

Is there an off-campus clinical practicum/internship?
No, the MRT-113 Clinical Practicum for coding students is scheduled in the classroom laboratory and computer lab. Students gain practical experience coding various types of actual health records, and using computerized coding systems forms.

If I complete the Admission Form on-line, do I still need to register for classes?
Yes, the online internet admission form begins your process of becoming a student at Moraine Valley College. Here is a link to directions to completing the on-line Admissions Form: The Admissions Form informs us of your intent to pursue the Coding Specialist Program. The registration process is separate, therefore you should register for classes as soon as possible. There is no selective admission process for the coding specialist program.

When do the coding classes begin?
These classes begin with the fall or spring semesters. MRT-108 Intro to Medical Coding Systems is the beginning coding class in ICD-9-CM and CPT. Register for this class as soon as possible because the class roster fills very quickly.

What are the prerequisites and corequisites for the coding classes?
MRT-110 - Medical Terminology is a prerequisite for the Coding Specialist Program. It must be completed prior to enrollment in MRT-108 (Introduction to Medical Coding). MRT-111 (Health Information Management), MRT 108 (Introduction to Medical Coding), and BIO 115 (Anatomy and Physiology) must be completed prior to registration in MRT-112 - Clinical Classification Systems.

How much does the program cost?
Approximately $3300 for tuition. Book costs vary depending upon how quickly the program is completed. For a full-time student the book costs are approximately $1500.

Can I complete the program in one year?
Yes, if you are able/willing to take multiple courses each semester.

What kind of salary can I expect upon graduation?
Upon receiving the certificate you will be viewed as an entry level coder. Beginning salaries are typically in the range of $25,000 annually. After you gain experience you will be able to earn considerably more.

Is there a certification exam leading to a professional credential that I will be able to take after completing the program?
Yes, upon completion of the Coding Specialist Program you may choose to sit for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam given by the American Health Information Management Association. Earning the CCA demonstrates a commitment to coding even for those who are new in the field. After some years of coding experience, graduates may choose to sit for the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) exam or the Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based (CCS-P) exam.