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Amount of Assistance/Financial Aid Package Example

Amount of Assistance
Your demonstrated need is based on the College Cost Budget. Moraine Valley has developed a number of cost budgets based on your status which includes the following factors considered in the determination of your financial aid award:

  • Cost of educational program
  • Hours of enrollment
  • Reside with or away from parent(s)
  Here is an illustration of educational costs* of an award package:
  Tuition (24 hours at $109 per semester)
     Fees (college activities at $2/hr, technology at
     $7/hr, construction/infrastructure at $8/hr,
     and ID at $3/semester)
 Books (average)
 Transportation (69 miles/week at .78 cents per mile times 34 weeks)
 Room and board (live with parents)
 Miscellaneous expenses
$ 2,736
$ 414

$ 1,608
$ 1,848
$ 2,052
$ 1,796
$ 10,454

*Note education costs are based on average student costs and national figures of room and board and personal expense allowances. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Financial Aid Package Example
This is an example of a financial aid package for an in-district, full-time student enrolled in 12 credit hours for two semesters:

  Education Cost
Student’s Expected Family Contribution

Federal Pell Grant
Illinois Monetary Award
Federal Work-Study Award (based on 11 hrs/week
at $8.25/hr for 34 weeks)
 $ 10,454
-$ 1,600
 $ 8,854

 $ 4,180
 $ 1,584
 $ 3,090
 $ 8,854