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Percussion Ensemble

This group of percussionists is comprised of college students, adult community members, and advanced high school students. Each semester, the group performs several concerts both on and off campus. Members need not have a percussion-specific background in order to participate, but should possess intermediate to advanced music reading skills. The director of the Percussion Ensemble is Douglass Bratt.

The music styles explored in this ensemble include: ragtime, classical, popular, Caribbean/Latin, chamber, and jazz as transcribed for this unique instrumentation. Composers’ works performed include: Roland Barrett, John Beck, Thomas Brown, Nathan Daughtery, Lalo Davila, Christopher Deane, Leander Kaiser, Béla Fleck, Ed Freytag, Mark Ford, Mario Gaetano, Lynn Glassock, Josh Gottry, John R. Hearnes, Glenn Kotche, Kevin Lepper, Dave Mancini, Dan Moore, Jeff Moore, Taras Nahirniak, Eugene Novotney, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Scott Ward and many more.

The percussion ensemble has performed at VanderCook College of Music, Lincoln-Way Central High School, as well as Chicago’s Millennium Park. Special guest artists have included Dr. Dan Moore (University of Iowa), Renzo Spiteri (Malta), Kassandra Kocoshis (Flamenco cajon artist), Felipe Fraga (Brazilian percussionist), and Doug Perkins (Meehan/Perkins Duo, eighth blackbird) and Ben Wahlund (Screaming Norwegians, Black Dog Music Studios)

Credit/Noncredit Options
Degree-seeking and transfer students may enroll in the percussion ensemble for one academic credit hour. Percussion Ensemble I-IV course codes are MUS-109, 110, 209, 210. First-time ensemble students should enroll in MUS-109 and then enroll in the next numbered course for each subsequent semester. Course is repeatable up to four times for academic credit. Audition for new members is required.

Non-degree-seeking community members should register for the Percussion Ensemble noncredit course MU4-309-170. Please note that the director's permission is required prior to enrolling. Registration fee is $50 per academic semester.

Selected Moraine Valley Percussion Equipment Inventory

Set of 5 Ludwig Grand Symphonic Timpani
Marimba One 5.0 Octave Rosewood Marimba
Yamaha 5.0 Octave Rosewood Marimba
Musser 4.3 Octave Rosewood Marimba
Kori 4.3 Octave Paduk Marimba
Musser 3.0, M55 Vibraphone
Yamaha 3.0 Gold Tour Vibraphone
Musser M51 Xylophone
MalletKAT 7 KS MIDI Mallet Keyboard
Ludwig 5-piece Maple Drum set
Mapex 5-piece Meridian Maple Drum set
Various Pearl Symphonic and Philharmonic Snares
8-Piece Yamaha Concert Tom Set
Yamaha/Deagan Orchestra Chimes
Matador Congas (set of 3), Timbales and Bongos
Ron Vaughn Log Drums
Set of LP Brazilian Samba Drums
Large selection of accessory percussion, cymbals and gongs