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New Staff Orientation Program (NSO)

We Value You!

New Staff Orientation Goals
The New Staff Orientation Program includes a mentorship component designed to provide new staff members with the necessary support and resources to be successful as new employees at the college. The goals of the program are to:

  • To help acclimate new staff members to the college and provide them with the necessary resources and assistance to aid them in their job success at Moraine  .
  • To assist new staff with understanding their roles and responsibilities in being a good citizen at Moraine.


New Staff Resource Center
New Staff Orientation Resource Material


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New Employee Quick Resource Guide
The purpose of this guide is to give new staff members a general overview of the mission, purpose, structure and composition of Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC). This guide will serve as a starting point for services, policies and processes for the new staff member to become familiar with for a successful start at the college. The New employee guide should be used in the introduction process for the staff mentoring program.


New Staff Mentorship Program

Being a New Staff Mentor at Moraine Valley Means :
Moraine Valley Employees Helping New Staff Members Take On Personal Responsibility for Job Success

The New Staff Mentoring Program has been designed to transition new staff into the organization by providing them with formal and information learning and networking opportunities. Participants in program are provided with assistance with gaining access to information necessary to effectively perform the functions of their job at the college.

 The goals of the program are to:

  • Accelerate an employee's perspective/understanding of the college and adaptation to a new position
  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Promote diversity
  • Connect employees with one another (formal and informal/professional and social networking)
  • Open the lines of communication
  • Look after new employees' welfare and provide employees with a person to listen to concerns as well as successes
  • Safeguard the college's new hire investment
  • Enable employees to feel welcome and to believe they have a career or career path

Mentorship Program Documents

For more information, contact Misha Turner, assistant dean, Center for Teaching and Learning at (708) 974-5347.