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Moraine Valley Learning Academy (MVLA)

The Moraine Valley Learning Academy (MVLA) offers courses taught by, and for, Moraine Valley faculty.

About the MVLA

The MVLA Mission Statement
In the spirit of teaching and learning, the Moraine Valley Learning Academy strives for an exchange of ideas that reflects applied knowledge, methods and technology within an interactive and collegial setting.

Why Take These Courses?

  • To experiment with new teaching techniques.
  • Participate in engaging discussions with your colleagues in an active learning environment.
  • Earn PGUs for each course successfully completed.

What is an MVLA class?

  • Multi-session course about current and important aspects of teaching
  • 9 contact hours (typically 1.5 hours per week for 6 weeks)
  • Practical outcomes
  • Taught by Moraine Valley faculty and other experts
  • Modeling the innovative teaching that is being taught

Workshop Topics Offered:

  • Active Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Integrating Technology
  • Motivating Students.
  • Classroom Management

Spring 2014 Courses

GYC 101
Greening Your Curriculum: An Introduction to Sustainability

Day Dates Time Room Presenter
M Jan. 27-March 9 Online N/A Michelle Zurawski

Helping Students Learn Academic Integrity

Day Dates Time Room Presenter
M Feb. 10-March 17 Online N/A Nick Shizas

COL-101 For Faculty

Day Dates Time Room Presenter
M March 17-April 21 3:30-5 p.m. B183 Mike Gatto

GYC 202
Green Economy and Social Justice

Day Dates Time Room Presenter
M March 17-April 27 Online N/A Michelle Zurawski

Registration Process
To register and for more information about these courses, log into MVConnect. Please use the Professional Development Training Guide to assist you with registering for MVLA workshops.

For more information, please contact Jim McIntyre (708) 608-4059 and Layla Khatib at (708) 608-4234.