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Podium Training

Podium Training workshops will demonstrate how to appropriately use the podium including how to power up the system, use and display the PC, play a VHS tape, play a DVD, hook up USB devices, use the document camera, hook up a laptop, and power down the system. 

Podium Training takes place at the beginning of each semester and around midterms.  You can view the upcoming training schedule and register for podium training workshops using Training Manager.

There are several different podium versions installed on our campus.

  • Version 1

    • Version 1 podiums are installed in the D Building classrooms and in room L243.

  • Version 2 and FPAC podiums are similar. 

    • Version 2 podiums are installed in rooms A123, A221, A284, B111, B113, B126, B156, B181, B183, B184, B203, B241, B254, B255, B264, B265, B267, B285, B286, B287, F234, F240, L255, L265, L275, L277, G211, T911.

    • FPAC podiums are installed in rooms F220, F222, F226, F230.

  • Version 3/4 podiums are very similar.

    • Version 3 podiums are installed in rooms A152, A231, B202, T909 & T910.

    • Version 4 podiums are installed in rooms A108, A121, A122, A131, A132, A133, A138, A139, A141, A143, A144, A154, A202, A224, A232, B112, B115, B119, B128, B132, B134, B161, B182, B256, B257, B266, F138, L155, L162, L163, L165, L171, L172, L173, L175, L261, L267, L271, T200, T207, T600, T601, T714, T716, T814, T815, T923

    Podium Training Quick Guides are available at the CTL Intranet site.

For more information about Podium Training contact Anthony Marcasciano at (708) 974-5676 or marcascianoa@morainevalley.edu.