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Master Teacher of the Year
Current Master Teacher
Master Teacher
Former Master Teachers
Master Teacher Nomination Form

2013 Master Teacher
Michael McGuire

Master Teacher
Each year, the Faculty Development Committee selects a faculty member as the Master Teacher based on nominations submitted, nominees interviewed, and so forth.

The below listed nomination categories are based on program strands established by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD):

  • Teaching and Learning 
    Demonstration of classroom teaching and learning strategies; practical applications of  instructional technology; description of classroom assessment procedures. 

  • Leadership Development 
    Faculty/staff selection and evaluation practices; policies for evaluation of instruction; indices of institutional effectiveness in practice; examples of institutional support of teaching and learning; examples of student leadership development programs and instruction. 

  • Career Development 
    Strategies for professional/faculty/staff development; activities for personal career advancement. 

  • Teamship Development 
    Innovative practices for establishing and promoting individual program and institutionwide teams; description of successful community/business/college collaborations and partnerships. 

Former Master Teachers
1983: William Muller
Pat McKeague
1985: Randy DeVillez
1986: Sharon M. Fritz and Mary R. Sullivan
1987: Ray Pietryla and Howard Schiedt
1988: Mary Busby and Toula Karnavas
1989: Henry Allan, Kay Schneegas, Tom Sullivan, Brian Keefe, Dick Fritz
1990: John Sullivan and Patricia Keporos
1991: Sylvia Jenkins and Betsey Teo
1992: John Hein
1993: Janice Hill-Matula
1994: Joy Fett, Dick Fritz, and Tom Sullivan
1995: George Ortenzo
1996: Margaret Moe and Anne Reagan
1997: Virginia Kaiser
1998: Joe Jioia, Sylvia Jenkins, J.C. Malitzke, John Sands and Erich Spengler
1999: Joann Wright
2000: Sharon M. Fritz and Janice Hill-Matula
2001: Douglas C. Gehrke
2002: Donna McCauley
2003: Sheryl Dworak and Erika Deiters
2004: Nick Thomas
2005: Barb Martin
2006: Aileen Donnersberger and Margaret Lehner
2007: Krista Appelquist, John Nash and Michael Shannon
2008: Troy Swanson
2009: Kristine M. Christensen
2010: John Nash
2011: Michael Renehan
2012: Jeanine Galka, Jason King and Chris Riola