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Student Development Mission Statement
The Student Development Division supports Moraine Valley Community College�s mission by facilitating the education, growth and development of the whole person in a student centered, learning focused and multicultural community. The Student Development staff are dedicated to working collaboratively to provide innovative, relevant, high quality programs and services that meet the needs of its diverse students and the community, and exemplify our core values of integrity, fairness, respect and responsibility. We are committed to student learning, student development and student success.

To this end, we will:

  • Promote a dynamic, caring, challenging and safe environment.
  • Offer high quality services, which are accessible, accurate, clear and timely, to our students and prospective students.
  • Foster self-discovery and personal growth leading to meaningful goals and values for life-long learning.
  • Maximize students' potential by inspiring, motivating and engaging students through purposeful, stimulating and enriching programs and services.
  • Teach students to become partners in the learning process and to make connections with appropriate faculty, staff and resources to fulfill their goals and expand their opportunities.
  • Embrace and integrate diversity through a community of respect that affirms the value of each individual.
  • Teach life skills that enhance self-reflection, self-direction and self-sufficiency.

Student development: your partners for growth and success.