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 Message from the Director 

Welcome to the World of Nontraditional Learning!

Here at Moraine Valley Community College, we offer a variety of different learning options to meet our students' diverse needs. So, if a student has family obligations or a work schedule that prevent enrollment in traditionally scheduled courses, our nontraditional delivery modes may be the answer.

As the Director of Nontraditional Learning, I am responsible for supporting teaching and learning in nontraditional modes, such as Internet courses and hybrid models, that involve some face-to-face meetings and access of learning resources (materials or people) via technology.

Additionally, I am responsible for supporting the work of our faculty through training workshops and informational resources, as they teach in other nontraditional formats that do not involve technology, such as FastTrack (5- or 8-week courses), weekend classes, or independent study. If you are an instructor and you want to learn more about teaching and learning in nontraditional formats, please peruse the resources here. I am available to support your growth and development as an educator!

Annette Gonzales